Photo by Ungureanu Delia Veronica, 2014.

Hello there, my very dear friends. I'd like to invite you to admire and celebrate a very special person's existence with me. Her name was Ungureanu Delia Veronica and she was among a host of things: a writer for this magazine, the most spiritual human creature I've ever had the fortune to know intimately and a truly loving, open, vulnerable, courageous being. Early this month, she made the decision to take her own life. Naturally, this was a decision that I (and undoubtedly anyone who had been extended the Grace of knowing her) would have preferred that she would not have made. The wish that the free flowing, miraculous course of the stream of life would flow any differently is of basically no value, of this I become more and more certain. So then, how do we approach the death of such a profoundly lovely creature? I don't think we do. We admire and delight in the Vitality of her life, which is an extension of the life that has been breathed into all of us. We shudder with joy when something that comes so freely chooses us.

I'm very grateful to have known and to still know Deli. I'm so glad that I have had the opportunity to love her and her love for me was a great Mercy that I continue to treasure. She longed to be of service and believed her death would save humanity. Lets prove her right. Lets prove her right by being kind and merciful to one another. Lets prove her right by recognizing the Divinity in the stranger that you sit next to on the bus, or the rock that shudders with primordial life and even in the person who causes you pain and grief. Lets prove her right by celebrating the mysterious and sacred nature of our life. Lets prove her right by being joyous, by loving and being loved, by being open and not afraid of the little sorrows of life. Lets prove her right by forgiving, being compassionate and not judging others. Lets prove her right by walking up to the cliff, staring over the edge and then deciding to follow a different path than the one we've been on. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate Deli's life with me. I love you and I hope this finds you thriving in wonder.

Yours in ecstasy and transcendence,
-Zack Kouns esq (January 31, 2015)

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