Bunny Blight (April 2014)
by Andrew Barranca

If I were invincible Id want to be nude.

What is the longest youve ever been nude?

3 hours.

Don't you think that's strange? I mean at least when the weather is warm you'd think we'd want to go swimming in the nude. There really is no reason why we wear clothing in the summer time except that religion and society have deemed it inappropriate, because of how it makes others feel or think. Some religions cover every part of their body and claim it is to nurture modesty, but it seems like it only promotes the idea that we are powerless to our urges. I think that is the wrong way to think. If you believe in a god than you should have the ability to control your actions.
Thinking about sex is not sinful. Every animal is engineered to reproduce. We have to be ready at any given moment, but we also have to be able to control that urge until both partners are ready. If you can't control your physical urges in public that is a problem for you not the naked person standing next to you.

Have you ever fallen in love? Not lust, but love.

Do you mean like romantic love? The kind in Victorian plays? That's lust to me. The strongest love is more like friendship. These are the people that when you're around them you feel more alive. Their ideas, their voice, everything about them makes us feel better about ourselves. That is the kind of love I've felt. It has nothing to do with sex, so that love stays with me even when that friend is long gone, because it is not physical it is based on who they are, gender aside. I'm lucky enough to have found that love a handful of times throughout my life.

Sounds like you've never been in love.

I'm in love with life, being that focused on someone else just leads to murder suicide.

Or a friend for life.