Gattiland Fun, Proverbs, and the Final Four
by Mac Callihan

“GATTILAND!!!” That was the headlining caption on today’s Ashland Daily newspaper back home. Pictured below this jubilant cry was a wonderful scene: the Kentucky Wildcats and Prophet ballers were running wild in the Boyd County pizza parlor’s game room, several of them jumping for joy. Adam Silver wasn’t the binding agent in this fun filled day, as many of ya suspect; rather, it was a combined effort of an idea brainstormed up by coach Calipari and the Wildcats. Coach Cal called my cellphone last night to chat—one of the Prophets must’ve given him my number. I was star struck and could barely form a sentence! I mean, come on, shouldn’t he be preparing for the Final Four?!

Calipari last night: “…okay, Smith, calm down. Here’s the bottom line, listen up and quit blabbering. You’re off guard because of this call, I get it. Quit the flattering routine and let this fog of awe and cloud of nervousness dissipate, pal. Let me talk now, and I’ll tell ya what it is our team needed last night. We needed to be in our home state, particularly in the HEART of Prophet Nation, surrounded by fans; we also needed to eat pizza pie at a wholesome buffet that houses an array of video arcade games to lose ourselves in; and lastly, we needed a good pickup game with the Prophets.”

That’s what I’m talking about, Propheteers! Coach Cal and I chatted a good half hour after he laid out the goods for me. He kindly spoke of how good the respective teams were for each other, how Gattiland was the perfect place to blow off steam. He even sent me a few pictures of Karl Anthony Towns and Striver Roark throwing coins and tickets in the air—ha! And check THIS out, dear faithful Propheteers, Coach Cal spoke of the wisdom found from Solomon in the book of Proverbs. Like the Prophets, the team reads one chapter every morning before practice—there are a total of 31 chapters, so it’s a good monthly exercise. We had a productive, worship centered talk, and Coach Cal agreed to grace us with his presence on the podcast next month!

Anyway, woah! The Wildcats are still undefeated! They play the Wisconsin Badgers in the Final Four this weekend in what is sure to be a barnburner! Cal also said that, “Even if we win the tournament and go 40-0, Smith, we still ain’t perfect—only Jesus is perfect.”

I love it, and I’m grateful today, dear listeners. Grateful for God’s grace, grateful to be a Ketuckian. I need to jet off now, my lovely Prophet faithful. Our Prophets and our Kentucky Wildcats have a prayer circle about to begin and they’ve asked me to lead us into worship. I love you all, until next month! I’m Smith Holbrook, and it’s Prophet reporting.