The Teenage Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (April 2015)
by Lauren Hamami

Dreamt that I was in a big old abandoned house with my other immortal friends when a crew of confused and enraged mortals "found us". we had to get back to the maze so I ran for it. I was about as fast as light itself, no one else ran but they all got there some way or another.

I remember approaching the maze, it looked like an ancient concrete shelter. There was a swampy pond that bled into a creek, to the left of the structure, along with a deck and a pier that extended behind the structure. I knew all of this without even looking because I somehow remembered. I remembered about the old charcoal grill that was out there too, it was a prop, but people have used it.

Flying into the doorless maze, I squeezed myself deep inside its centerless, infinite interior. The hallways were different heights and widths, I flew sideways through some. I saw all the old familiar staircases and began to feel exhausted with what I knew I would come across if I kept going. So I stopped in the industrial kitchen area. Nothing had been used for centuries, no one was there and no one had been for a while. I opened up the only wooden artifact that you could have found by that point. It was an occasional treasure chest. This time, there were peoples old and huge forks and spoons. I thoughtlessly grabbed all the knives I could find, entranced by them in a very dull way. But it made me feel like I could do SOMETHING with them, even though I knew I wouldnt. After I shoved them into my pockets I flashed over to a room in the east wing. One that has a window with a view of the deck and charcoal grill. I watched as my fellow immortals were slowly approaching, almost intentionally leading on the mortals. They were still so furious at us. But once they entered the maze out of curiosity and fear they became lost, of course. They believed in its illusions after a while. People got "jobs" in there, mindless jobs that got them fake nice things for their made up apartment rooms.

Everything was covered and inside of doors within the same buildings hallways. There was no outside in there. I remember visiting the places food court and even though I dont need to eat. I bought a Japanese salad and put way too much dressing on it. I abandoned it to make pointless conversation with the lost people that worked behind the veggie bar and in the pizza kitchen. Everyone had found their niche in there. They found some way to be comfortable and I was just passing though, once again. I looked no different I guess, to them. I walked down a hall dressed in false wooden panels, there was a radio broadcasting station that was introducing two dub artists, everything about that scene seemed to be one of the more shocking ones that I'd seen in a while. There was a culture that had developed in there I went back outside to meet up with my friends and I waded in the water with Paul, his hands brushed mine and I was surprised to still feel something after forever. We closed our eyes and kissed and when we opened our eyes we were on some soundless vehicle in a pastel colored city.