Pony Payroll Bones Talking 3 Story Poems
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor



     I am witness to NoO wisdom
         ----not everyone gets
Born    smarT.

  Thar was a spirit
A spirit

     A spirit of
Thar was a spirit o violences

    THare was a spirit o violence peculiar to the age of my childhood.

        Somethingssss  alwaYs lurkin

Something always lurking

I usta grasp
Tha glimpses
Of things---
  Now this like the dusk going heavY

THar is awful sadness
Thar is a peculiar sadness
Thru the years
LIKE steady rain
Falling upside
Down upside down
Falling upside down
In a cave

Or a man who gets rabies
And harnesses tha rabies
And he goes out to bite dogs
In the savage river rain streets

Vertigo I

Vertigo memory    Mirage of Living Works.

    Through Gossamer makes one into bestiary weariness

        --a chance you mistake souls for ghosts

YU can’T make a skeleton spasm…
        Plain an simpLe--
Cuz it ain’t got meat

    What are the conditions for a skeleton to stay WHOLE?

What color is the light?

    --voices...Voices up and down steep stairs….

The servants stairs. The dark dusty servant stairs.

Vertigo II

You do not know what to make of my voice.

Hole of vertigo in the memory. You do not know what to make of my rain.
Rain in the birch forest. Rain in the pine forest. Rain upon the wander
Whose breath lays cold upon the mountainside.

Caught up trampling through the choked ravine of briars.

Caught up with broken antlers, the nettled grass.

Hooves clatter upon breathing stones. I was devoured
With the rain stroking down like knives.

A long horseback in the rain.

Ride the thunder rain with no ending upon a road un arriving.

Sometimes I walk a road without a horse upon the road

There is a road that never arrives.