The Teenaged Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (April 2016)
by Lauren Hamami

Dreamt that i was in a movie theatre with morgan. The movie scared him. It was about a young american jewish girl who found a relic: an old catholic shrine in her aunts basement, which was actually buried underneath of the house, but the girl could still feel it there. We watched the girl tiptoe down the stairs as images of angels and mary would overlay her footsteps.The girl would pray to the shrine and surrender to it and suddenly the film would cut to the girl looking at herself in a mirror, screaming silently and ripping at her skin and hair. Her teeth would grow and swell and her eyes went hazy under thick glasses. The audience somehow knew that the girl was being tortured by cancer. Then was the most frightening scene: a woman that seemed to fly without wings was gliding around in the dim-lit basement with her arms and legs close to her body, like a pencil or a bullet. The young cancerous girl was trapped between the ankles of this flying woman. The girl was choking and would squirm and pull at the woman's legs but the flying woman seemed to not notice. She was expressionless and didn't even seem to breathe. There were sounds playing during this scene: songs made up of water dripping then rushing and metal tapping then banging on concrete and someone rustling through brush. There was also sparse violin picking and piano. Throughout this film, people with clip boards were walking throughout the theatre, tallying the number of people that were in the seats. I heard one those talliers explain that the purpose of their work was to keep everyone safe: if someone went missing or disappeared then "we would know that they might be planting a bomb or making a run for it". Things started to feel culturally futuristic, there were lots of autistic kids around. Suddenly the lights un-dimmed in the theatre and a security guard was telling a section at a time to silently leave without creating a scene. Stupid teenagers were talking really loudly saying "OKAY... I JUST WANNA KNOW IF I CAN SMOKE A CIGARETTE?!???" i left and started walking down the street. All the shops were closed except for one. The closed shops all had a white sign on the door that said something like "coining." which somehow meant that they were closed because of low sales and terrorist threats. The only store that was opened was one that sold old baseballs, jewelry, dragon souvenirs, CDs, and junk like that. I was talking to the owner, who was hitting on me, about his store. He said he had to shut it down for the "coining" season and wouldn't be able to reopen it. I was blanking staring at some rings for sale and trying to say "aw jeez im sorry, what a shame." when my alarm clock went off. I woke up to turn it off and fell back asleep and went back to the store and saw two whole, shelved walls filled with assorted 90s pillow cases on pillows. They were in order by color. I saw spongebob ones, a lisa frank one, Scooby doo, and others.