Ricky Carver's Search For Love (April 2017)
by Ricky Carver
A conversation on Tinder in the early morning hours between Ricky Carver and an unnamed Tinder Date.

RC: Love me. But not if you donít have to.

TD: ? So confused.

RC: Me too.

TD: LolÖ.OK. Do u smoke (happy face emoticon)

RC: Sure, what?

TD: Ganj

RC: Why not. Tell me how that would change things.

TD: Change things? What do u mean? Iím looking for weed lol wtf What exactly would it changeÖ.

RC: I donít know

TD: ? Iím looking for friendsÖlol

RC: In what way?

TD: LikeÖ.A friend. A platonic friend lol. Not a friend with benefits. Iím actually looking for a friend to smoke with.

RC: What a strange night

TD: Yeah lol

RC: Where do you want to go next?

TD: London

RC: Oh, wow. How do you want to get there?

TD: Ö.Fly? Lol

RC: How will you fund it?

TD: IDK, why? Saving money LOL. My family is there so I usually go when they fly me over.

RC: What causes them to fly you over?

TD: My family likes to see me every year or twoÖ.LOL?

RC: Terrific! I am feeling wild

TD: I bet. Y?

RC: Why am I feeling wild?

TD: Yeah.

RC: What do you want to know?

TD: The question that U literally just asked me

RC: You are something else

TD: Nothing that U say makes sense. Lol

RC: Iím doing my best.

TD: Lol, youíre fine. I just donít understand what you are talking about.

RC: I will tell you why I am feeling wild. Is that the question?

TD: Yes.

RC: What should I do about it?

TD: What should u do about what?

RC: Iím not sure. Wow! Itís starting to rain, huh? Time to go nutso, I think!

TD: LOL yep

RC: How do we do that? Tell me truly

TD: Idk what youíre asking

RC: Neither do I. Doesnít matter. Or maybe it really does.

TD: Are u drunk or do u just like being confusing

RC: I am as sober as a judge. I do like being confusing. How about you? Tell me what

TD: I really just wanna get high and eat lol

RC: Eat where?

TD: Pizza

RC: Right now?

TD: Yeah

RC: OK, how can I get it there? Tell me exactly what to do?

TD: Are you wanting to order me a pizza?

RC: I think so. Whatís Apache Hotel and Casino?