The Death of Love's Blues' #4 (August 2014)
by Steve Gigante

Song lyrics, kids.
With a shout out to Sacha Guitry.

~ In Our Kiss ~

In a river near where you were raised
Is a crucifix that shines
And it's in everyone's head
And it keeps them all in line
Like your Daddy told his son
Like your Mother told her girl
Like your father didn't wanna know
Nothing of your world
A thousand cats and some drooling dogs
Sniffing sideways at your dress
Worn like a closet runaway
Free spirits to impress
And the great uncle, he came on down
And gave an awful lot to hide
Now it's in your talk
And in your walk
And baby, that's alright

In the 'God' tattooed on your finger
Lies the future and the past
Can you pray we make it?
Will you hope we last?
Is there anybody listening in the lonely here and now?
Is the only thing that's sacred
a goat's head on a cow?
Or a drunk fire in the forest
where the smoke tries to explain
Why all last summer
was cold and cruel with rain
How the lies locked in the back room Made my demons sing
And a cheap bar stool claimed
our yard sale wedding ring

In an alley near the goddamn Moon
Is a candle on your lips
And it melts upon what they all want
when it grinds into your hips
I will slide over these sidewalks
I will burn across this town
In the dark we find ourselves
Staring love down
And it looks back like a ghost
Forever reaching for a soul
Don't wanna trap you like he tries to
Don't care I'm getting old
Cuz we'll sigh and moan
like crazy stars
Killed reaching nova's bliss I'd rather die living through the precious moments
in our kiss, in our kiss
in our kiss, in our kiss
In our kiss

~ Dollface ~

Crawl through my dark eyes, baby
When they're tired of looking for you
Or dragged off in the night
Screaming over nothing that wasn't
Throw dirt where they slip
On the blind spots
And light on the lust that swallows
The sea
If all of this ends when they're finally
Then there's nothing to being free...

CH: So let's give freedom a good
Forty lashes
Cuz she's really a driver of slaves
And all of the chains she offers
Come from some low down penniless
No coffin lined with velvet
No stockings, heels, and lace
No heart gone cold and silent
Can truly kiss
Your beautiful doll face

Crawl through my dark eyes, baby
Drink away the tears
Chasing me down
These ripped up roads
For thousands and thousands and thousands...
Take all that time and make it fade
Make my soul
Let it be
If all this stops when our blood runs
Then there's nothing to being free... CH

Crawl through my dark eyes, baby
Float inside a dying star
When it dies won't take your life
Just take you far
Far from where we fuck around
Far from our fate
If you always remember the love
We shared
Then it can never be
Too late...

~ Practical Burial Slippers ~

Where's she going
with all this
Down to another secret kiss
Tapping on the Moon like the Sun would sing
Or the stars inside were puppets
On a string...

Oh, baby
Where you been
When I wanna die
Breathing in the water
Sucking down the sky
Inside a cruel smile
Or a laugh that turns me on
Don't save me from the night
That bleeds into the dawn
With you
Ohhhh with you

Love at the heart
of her man
Boys got their mind
in her quicksand
She pours it all
around the cage
Smirking at the bars
holding that rage... CH

Dying (6x)
Everywhere... CH

Sex is a game
Love is a joke
The truth just a killer
She try to choke
In the riptide pull
Stalking the beach
Feel that murder
Out of reach
Birds and trains
Steal her sleep
The Rabbit walks around
And weeps
So she plots escape
Holds on to the Sun
Fucks the Moon
Dreams to run...
Dreams to run...
Dreams to run...
Dreams to run...