Payroll Bones Talkin Slap Happy Tim McGraw

Let us concern ourselves with this real life troubling true story account from a superstar in superior troubles. Grotesquely salacious and unbelievable this is one sordid current affair concerning the dark undercurrents of contemporaneous Nashville.

Who of tha torn? Let us now enter the sordid Temple of Slap.

He could and is Mr. Superstar Indian Outlaw chuck a slap at any them bitches or bros from de cat walk. They just a bunch of cows steppin in there own suburban shit anys ways shittin all over each other. Gotta teach that Slap whap.

Long groped

another you husband's someone. Slap Slap Slap.

What McGraw taught was teaching. You slap you good in the crotch.

McGraw the reaction. The OFFICIAL reaction that hot ATL night. Tha whole crowd watchin was one big damp crotch and Mr. Tim McGraw had on them sexY


Let me gosh tell ya that selfish proclaimed half CHOCTOW HALF CHEROKEE owned tha whole night he was the Indian Outlaw Superstar and he had some God Damn Slappin to do.

Slap swatting slap swattle slap A big ole teach on that little bittY damp crotch fan. No ejaculations on tha adorable jeans be it Female or Masculine He-Bro. NO EXCEPTIONAL. EXCEPT McGraw EXCEPTIONAL.

Violence is often promiscuous to tha individual who enjoys such thangs in big ole life. Slappin makes you Big Bro.

That's show business and instinctively you'd doin a teach lesson on crotch slappin or crotch groppin needs a perpetrator. Tim McGraw Indian Outlaw superstar ain't no perpetrator.

Jeans encore. Jeans encore!

Gonna slap some them sexy slack jawed womens. May play a sexy slap on some bro-men if they be BRO ENUFF. ARE YOUS BRO ENOUGH!?

Remember that whore fan tit shaker at tha Cajun dome? She was like a like an alligator with booby tits out fitted with the perfect clit cave. You see these things keep on happenin to my adorable jeans that hold firmly tha adoration of my cock throbbing neath the denim.

Wife shall always stand by your man upon hill.

Pants instinctive apparent.

You jeans accessible security security security.

he may be found prostrate upon the very news headlines themselves. McGraw with his Jeans torn and his rabies cock softly flaccid leaking tears. Tim McGraw's secret sanctimonious fears?

Security. Yes. Security. Yes. Security. Yes. Call Security.

young someone blindly a woman sexy billy goat get a try let a swatted singing it some defiant SLAP you reached and did that leg touch bro-bro. It was a broad brush. A broad brush stroKE.

Tha Grabbed McGraw Adorable Tour. There's Look over Yonder! That be tha Bequeathed Indian Outlaw himself singing a SLap--Mean ole violence.

The entertainer needs entertainment motherfucker.

Faith upon the hill gets some access to them adore blue bold jeans.

there should go about explanation. videos. videos. videos recorded in South Atlanta---that amphitheatre where Indian Outlaw was the Chief. You tube it. You Tube it.

Yes, the entertainer better be entertained motherfucker. Call Security cause I'm gonna slap every cluckin sweaty scented crotch here right done down to tha sloppy Georgia ground!