Transgressive Adventures of Roris Coctis, esotericist and savage (August 2014)
by Zack Kouns

The subway stations in Romania are filthy. Filthier than my lost and vicious heart. Filthier than my hands on her fat thighs. Biting her breasts. Shoving her against the wall and then lifting her to ravage the gaping source of the generations of man with my knotted tree blooming with violence and veins. It was in that filthy train station in Bucharest that our world ended: hers and mine. I hadn't slept or eaten in weeks. I had been trying to destroy that thing in myself people called human: that dreadful and malignant tumor that no surgeon could excise, that no night could cloak. I traveled to the ends of the earth but I followed myself wherever I went. I sought the places that I believed I wouldn't seek. I awoke from a harrowing dream on the foul Subway floor with the sound of the trains rumbling so loudly inside me that the vibrations felt like a tempestuous physiological process my body was undergoing. Bleary eyed and bone tired, I forced myself to stand and began searching for that nameless thing I've been relentlessly pursuing since I was burdened with the chimera wrongly called consciousness. Holding on to the railing and climbing slowly down a set of stairs, I encountered my lover ambling up the same stairs with her unsteady gait and our eyes met. Her head was damp with the sweat of a thousand nights of the truest, most painful and shockingly depraved physical love this false and vile plane of existence has known. And this was called loving another person. The boundaries of the material world, science fumbling around in dark centuries of silence; hundreds of thousands of miles are within the reach of faltering arms and my teeth are hunting and finding orgasm deep in the hidden wound of the female. Breaking our locked gaze, she began ascending the stairs and I turned to watch her off balance escape from the pain of love. She had traveled past the limits of her body seeking love, only to find that she could not bear it in her tiny, wicked heart. She collapsed in the throes of agony near the summit of the stairs, howling like an animal who doesn't understand the origin of it's malady. She opened her bulky thighs and stones began emerging from her womb and thudding heavily on the pavement. Next, she birthed stalks of corn and a blue summer sky. Finally, serpents slithered from her convulsing body and crept into the world to tempt the children of men.