Summer Shades
by Mac Callihan

         Basketball is therapy. Therapy is basketball. Space Jam 2?!?! Hey there, folks, it's Smitty Holbrook back at ‘cha for another edition of Prophet hoops. Love. A good exercise, I find, is dribbling with your off-hand as you jog about 3 miles every morning. Take one day off a week from this routine and eat like a ravenous dog. Play pickleball for kicks, play tennis and chess. Kiss your 2 year old son and don't take him for granted. Limitless love unlinked and smile. Be unafraid, let your son teach YOU. Enjoy life! Okay, those are my summer tips, Prophet Nation. Wait, I got one more: grill out a shit ton and stay hydrated. I love you, and that's all I got. I'm on “vacation” this summer, boys. I love you. Love each other, forgive each other. Do not harbor any resentments nor judge your neighbors. You don't know what they have been through, and you are no “better” than them. Confess your sins to one another, so ye may be healed. That's in the book of James, Propheteers. My dear, my dear and faithful lot. It sure is easier and more popular not to believe than to believe in our Lord Jesus, is it not?! It ain't no fairy tale, it's real. He is real. I love this opportunity called LIFE. Let's embrace the moment. Let summer live in you, wild and free. Soft kisses, willow trees, skipping stones, lemonade. Smith Holbrook, and it's Prophet Reporting.