Recipe For Disaster: Pasta on Parade (August 2015)
by Zack Kouns and Rick Weaver

RW: Pasta AmEx. Pasta Zonkers. Pasta Parochial.

ZK: Parable of the Prodigal Pasta. Pasta Pen(ne) is write on target. Taking Pasta pills give me a bad case of the parades. Profligate Pasta: "You slice it, he'll dice you."

RW: Dis Noah Anthony Wonderland dish is nice pasta dish. Blast off Pinball Heliotrope Mountain Pinball Pasta. Pasta Zeppo.

ZK: Electromagnetic Pasta Field: "Tasting is believing." Pasta freedom: name you boom boom and I'll spray it all over the damned place.

RW: Banana Pasta: "You've just entered a Ham free zone. Look mama mia, no hams!"

ZK: I've got a pasta pointer for you, pal. Don't try to pull a fast one or it'll be your last one.

RW: Pasta Pop Punk. Pasta Milestone Migraine and Whole Grain Pasta. Raiders of the Lost Pasta. The New Santa Claus Pasta Christmas Tree. The New Santa Claus Antonio Rose of Pasta.

ZK: News flash: The Pasta Police locked the peeing and pooping Grinch in the spaghetti slammer. Pom Pom Pasta Pump: "wiggle or giggle, it's our choice." Primavera Preeteen Pringle: It ain't EZ being wheezy. Pasta Puddle. I'm singing in the Reindeer.

RW: Pasta Riviera. Robert Dole me out another heaping helping of Pasta Fuss.

ZK: Spinach Fettucine is the official State Bird of Pasta Pennsylvania. Also, Pennsylvania changed its name to Pasta.

RW: Pasta is an ANIMAL. Metallica Pasta Cook Off in OUR HOUSES FOR ONCE.

ZK: Prog Pasta on the 6 String Bass Guitar. Pasta Poker: Deal me out.

RW: Bullet with Bowtie Pasta Wings.

ZK: Pasta Putin rules with an iron noodle.