Pony Bones Talkin SLOW Frays Upon A Maryland Dusk
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

True Story of a Stranger

Dream I am breathing inside stranger's houses
dream i am breathing with a stranger's lungs
dream i am breaking into houses

faded daylight pours
inside a faded dark green room

pouring daylight
opaque windows
a faded dark green room

a strange girl is with me
who is a friend
who is a dear friend of mine

who is not a stranger


A shadow will walk all over a human

Shadow walks the human

Something did not
the story told

Long dark stairs

Whatever walks-

walks up alone

Bawlmer II

a quesy nervousness when i hear the bus stop at the bus stop. The electronic doors of the bus open and sound beeps. Passengers depart--wasting no time mutilating other animal pedestrians

Life in the city. Stipulation. Yours or the city? Balmer is salaciously Alive. All sorts of alives.

you shatter your hand through the ambulance's driver side window.
Paramedics are too busy bickering if they have the right address.