Transgressive Adventures of Roris Coctis, esotericist and savage (August 2015)
by Zack Kouns

When I was young, my father trapped a god in the forest. He brought it back to the house, pleased with the hunt: a fearsome creature with 6 arms that ended in claws, a skeletal midsection that a blinding and unearthly light throbbed out of, athletic human legs steeled like a hero of the sea and the head of a feline whose characteristics one would otherwise consider stoic if the eyes weren't so malignant and ghastly and full of murder and wrath. Having a small house and not knowing what else to do, father decided that the feline god would bunk with me. Naturally, I raised objections but my father was resolute and brute force rules the day in this absurd world. My bed was rather small, so the god and I were body to body in the dark night. With its irregular breathing and the heat that its immense body emitted I found it difficult to sleep. The moon claims her children and ultimately I slipped off to her shores of sleep and frightening visions. I awoke experiencing the most painful sensation that I've ever encountered and was horrified to find the feline god with its head between my legs devouring my genitals with a frenzy only the divine can call forth. I began shrieking with pain and my father bounded the stairs with his gun. The god leaped from my bed and out of the window into the darkest of nights with my severed pecker between its teeth. I've since learned to bless the everything. I've since learned that pain and torture are the only alchemical properties that have proven to transmute the harrowed human organism into something that's truly alive.