Top ten lines from The Book of Lies that laid my soul open bare upon the frozen earth, the stuff of my spirit abandon'd into the aether of the night back in high school (August 2017)
by Devinn Brone

10. "layt ye not fromme thyne aefil lip then ought not Lady Fatima revisit thyne Altar."
9. "Orgu sanct da"
8. "This Book, it's all LIES."
7. "Yea, oh and besoot, beseech mine favor with thy Castor, and reap naught but the seed of my disregard."
6. "Nox is then further explained, and it is shown that the ultimate Trinity, O!, is supported, or fed, by the process of death and begetting, which are the laws of the universe."
5. "Then neighed the horse in the paddock-and lo! its wings."
4. "Cage, the music. Hath ye married so ancient a collaboration between the firmaments of thy delight?"
3. "This is you, Beth. And thee, Gimmel. Thou hast the Keystone of the Royal Arch"
2. "Holy, holy, holy, unto the Number of Times
Necessary and Appropriate be OUR LADY
Isis in Her Millions-of-Names, All-Mother,
1. "The Rose uncrucified droppeth its petals; without the Rose the Cross is a dry stick."