Bryan Martin with the whirling blades of a ceiling fan all over his body (August 2017)
by Zack Kouns and Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

PPB: Who controls reality loins, Kouns?

ZK: None of your beeswax, Bongo Boy.

PPB: Iím the Big Bopper, not Buddy Holly.

ZK: The Bongo Kid, huh? Oops, Iíll get it straight next time, Bongo Kid. First name: Loin, last name: Cloth.

PPB: At least Iím open on Sunday.

ZK: Your impression of Keith Carradineís supporting role in McCabe and Mrs Miller is on the money.

PPB: Thank Yu Charlie. Itís snowing in my heart like a magpie with one wing.

ZK: The next person that calls me Charlie Pride is getting a French Kiss.

PPB: Remember when Yu fell into the creek with Bryan Martin? Oscar worthy.

ZK: No matter how he struggles and strives/Bryan Martin will never get out of that creek alive.

PPB: Yak didnít win. The proclaimer a won that year. Feels like 1992 again.

ZK: I wish Bryan Martin had human skin instead of the whirling blades of a ceiling fan all over his body.