Witches Milk (for December 2012)
by Zack Kouns

(Two beatnik looking teens huddled in a bathroom. One of them has a small vial filled with bluish white liquid.)

First Teen: Have you tried it, man?

Second: I've eaten asphalt by the aching bellyful, devoured the still beating heart of violent beasts, licked the ink off the pages of classic literature!

First: Those gas fires don't compare to witches milk, bossanova. Witches milk make you swallow all your darksome dreams.

Second: I ain't feeding myself to the dogs here am I, sweatnail?

First: Yes and no, turd bird; have a pull of it.

(They drink from the vial.)

Second: Blood of gods and Saturn in my body. I'm ready to spear all fathers and all mothers and throw sister from a cliff into the sea below. I'm going to take those rings and cut open my bowels with them.

First: What else were you going to do with all that murder in your heart? Cut to song...