Bunny Blight (December 2013)
by Andrew Barranca

I want to try living in the Southern Hemisphere. Feel what the water is like in the Indian Ocean.

Instead of reflecting culture, Brecht said art could change it. The media knows this, and that is why they persistently bombard us with messages that serve their agenda.

Some days I just want to disappear.

Let's disappear.


You just stand there and look scary.

I can't leave Bunny and the babies. She needs me now, and she was there for me when I needed someone. When I was a pinkie my mom ate my sister. My mom may have eaten me too, but Bunny saved me.

If you don't have the rent I have no choice but to evict you. I'll give you a few more days. If you don't come up with the money you and the babies go back to the burrow.

The rich continue to fuel their desires by making their profits off the basic needs of the poor. It is becoming less and less likely that any of us will achieve any higher quality of life. I'm so sorry babies.

I'm gonna go hunting this weekend. If I kill any dinosaur you can clean and sort the meat for me. Feed these kids the innards. They look like they need protein. If you can't scrape together enough to pay me, we may just have to get creative.

Okay. I'll clean and pack your meat. I'll do anything you want if it keeps my babies out of the cold.

It gets dark in the woods quickly.

I hear gun shots in the distance.

Huddle close to me.

Maybe we can find something to make a fire.

Our fire will keep us warm till morning. If I am lost, I'm glad it is with you.