Rick Weaver is Morgan Garrett, Morgan Garrett is Rick Weaver. I have two friends. I have one friend
by Zack Kouns



I really like your album "Clam Sign Off Date" Morgan Wrick Warretteaver.
I used to have 2 friends then I found out I had 1 friend and I don't beWeave(r) I want More(gan).
Who could ask for More(gan)?

Morgan Weaver: I really love living in Chattanooga, a city in the Southern United States with my live in romantic interest Bridget Venuti amd my business partner and close personal friend Evan Lipson.

Rick Garrett: I feel very fortunate to have grown up in a small town in Southern Ohio. My father Sam Martin used to book rock and roll concerts at an establishment called the Hamburger Inn and it's there I discovered my interest in the bass guitar after I attended a concert that featured the late, great maestro of bass guitar, Evan Lipson.

Rick Weaver: Now that I have my trusty girlfriend Lauren Hamami bu my side I feel like the world is my Clam Date and I can finally start living the principles taught to me by my mother Bridget Venuti (of hit local band Frankie Teardrop fame) and my father Shane Huff who was very stern with me because I needed it.

Morgan Garrett: Sometimes I feel so lost in the big Southern United States city of Chattanooga but I feel fortunate that my musical act "The 4 Snake Necks of Trotter Riley" has made such a big splash and really resonates with the people around me. It's their support that really gives me the courage and strength, especially the support of my dear friend and maestro of the bass guitar, Evan Lipson. OK, round two.