Pony Payroll BoNes Talkin countrY music Autumn Notes
by Matthew Doyal Pony Payroll Bones Proctor

Keith Urban has a new haircut and Wayne Mills has been shot dead in the head.

Wayne Mills who sang he would be present singing at the last honky tonk shall not do so in the physicality of flesh.

Keith Urban has blood on his hands. Keith Urban now has short hair again. Many rejoice and Wayne Mills is still shot dead in the head by his supposed friend who owned the saloon the Pit and Barrel. It was five in the morning after a George Jones tribute.

The night is blackest just as we are in the cavernous dust sackcloth phantom lungs of an Appalachian Coal Ghost Miner of a ghost.

Ghostly troubles are forever.

Loretta Lynn's Father's death is blamed by the mining company upon the insidious declarative OFFiciaL statemented LIE--"He smoked too much."

Drivin Indiana's Country blues.

Lou Reed's secret country music album--

I find the mother lode of country music tapes in Warsaw, Indiana.

I listen to the Judds while approaching the Ohio state line. A massive thunderstorm stasis has devoured the horizon. We are gifted to see both ends of an immense rainbow amongst the flatness. Sonny Garrish plays the spooked out Dobro.

Slack jawed heroin whore vampire at the truck stop. I had been driving for 12 hours.

I will not talk about the CMJ awards.

The emotional devastation of Elvis Presley's Today album. The king's heart is a cracked vase leaking narcotics. The king reduces pathos cliche into despondency on fire that is green to black. Something must be done, that kind of despair. The king did do something. He took himself out. The twang of Presley's solid last full albums could not save him.

Country music is life as it happens.

Chris LeDoux-1981 album changes thangs. Mr. LeDoux used to ride a real mechanical bull on stage between songs Mr. LeDoux suffered many brutalized wounds in the rodeo business. He was a true champion of bare back. He started a record label with his father. He did not cave in to the major record labels until the temptations of Garth Brooks. Mr. Brooks mentioned Chris LeDoux in his first BIG HIT, "Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)." Garth Brooks even offered part of his liver to LeDoux when he became struck with terminal liver disease. Mr. LeDoux sure is still dead and Garth Brooks now plays Las Vegas.

I disagree with Koun's esquire assessment of Eddie Rabbit's "I Love a Rainy Night." Yes, I do concede Mr. Rabbit is definitely a white rabbit.

The cornpone hell of country music hallucinations I stew spread eagled and eviscerated upon the frying seasoned Iron Skillet that is the new moon.

I pick up a horse skull and examine where the bullet trajectory went exactly. The bullet went into the face cheek and went out at the side left base of the skull. Horses get diseases and you got to put them down.

I recall I found that whole horse skeleton in the woods on Cumberland Island, coast of Georgia. I stayed up all night in the howling wind playing country songs about Spanish conquistadors. That was over six autumns ago.

All memory is a long Atonal Autumn. Wind will make the abandoned banjo resonate.