The Death of Love's Blues' #8 (December 2014)
by Steve Gigante

Four years ago tonight
We were happy
We were married
Now I miss the possum at the back door and all the cats that ate his food
Now I miss seeing that look in your eye and how it always put me in the mood
For loving you
For loving you
I was loving you
more than you knew

Four years ago tonight
We were happy
We were married
Now I miss your voice trying to hide that twang, those black dresses and all that hair
And the ass and the chickens, the goats and the kissin'... God, I wonder when I just won't care
For loving you
For loving you
I was loving you
more than you knew

Just pounding a racket
In your grandfather's jacket and tie
Like it was our only chance
As you sang and sashayed around the delay
I couldn't know it was the last time we would truly dance

Four years ago tonight
We were happy
We were married
Now we're just playing games and going nowhere with our drugs and our toys and time
But I remember how it felt that Halloween night and, baby, I wish that you were still mine

Your seduction is fine fine art
So damn good with a black black heart
All that cruelty is a gun to my head
Six feet under lying on your bed

~ Shady Lady Confessional ~
My guitar shakes in the corner of your sexy lies
How can I lift you up with all this death in my eyes?

11/3: The best power you can experience is to give someone who feels powerless a sense of their own power.

* Love and telepathy go a long, long, long, long way (especially when it comes to music).

* I think I resent the negativity in people to the intense degree that I do because I so clearly see their positivity dying to be free.

heart breaks
 eyes settle on sliced
a longing for
  a voice
a choking on
    a vision
held out
         of focus
hold my hand again
     I am not the same
I have not changed

Is your heart too cold
To live
Is this world too much of a drag
To behold

  Don't be dragged down by those in this world that have no imagination, no heart.

  Don't be dragged down by those in this world that are afraid of their own fire, their own souls. Who try to push that fear onto you.

  Don't be dragged down by anyone who wants to own you, or control you. Who expects you to be what you are not so you can be a feather in their cap.


Take heart, my love
Your life is precious
You're just surrounded by fools is all
And sometimes you're one of them
And sometimes you're not
And sometimes you stand up
And sometimes you drop down
So far down

Take heart, my love
Your soul is sacred
You're just surrounded by heathens is all
And sometimes you're one of them
And sometimes you're not
And sometimes you stand up
And sometimes you drop down...

Don't be afraid to live
Or imagine what it's like
Don't be afraid to live each day
When you'd rather go away and die

Take heart, my love
This world is beautiful
It's just surrounded by so much space
And sometimes you wanna reach out and touch it
And sometimes it just closes in
So sing your song
Even if you don't belong
You're beautiful
Even when you're not

To have your freedom paid for by the uncomprehending and incomprehensible masses, the stupid asses chewing the cud in the flood of rank fear, their spirits tossed to a meager gale - over *that* you've gotta sail. And have them buy it.
Anyway, how's it goin'?
How's it goin'?
Oh, the usual: surrounded by the clueless, the insane, the mean-spirited, and the lost. And I'm poor.

What is there left to do when the only rational response is 'fuck you'? When the only thing left to say is 'go die - your heart is lost, your soul is a lie'.


We slip
into lies that slide
past my eyes and all
that's never said
I touch you and see what
we should be
I'm alone and that's as good as dead

While I was sleeping off society
A lonely girl said,
"What about me?
I'll never be trapped inside their minds
I'll only see what your heart finds

I said,
"I know you know
and besides, who cares?
This life
This world
is just a dare, a crazy trip around
A star
The light inside
You are

It's dark
Now you're not here
Most of the time I hold
Back tears
To show you it won't get to me
To show you
Don't you see?

I like your evil
I love your sly
That's why I can't say goodbye

do I still miss you?
do I care?
Can your heart
a lie?
Can your blood
a prayer
that begs for truth
and stands for pain
and won't go back no more
that wants folly dead
and money burned
and no man-made god
keeping score?

Can my heart
That's not true
In you?
Can my heart
What you refuse
to do?
Can you find
the spirit
in the power
you crave?
Is it behind you
or in front of you
when you're placed
in the grave?

I like your evil
I love your sly
I know I'm not like the other guys
Who call you 'whore'
Who say, 'you slut'
There's no need for slander
No need to cut
you down
Go down
Go down, baby
Go on down

Yeah, love
never dies
It stops
And stares
Into your eyes
Daring us
All the time
To make it last
To make you mine
But I know you're not
I know you can't be
And that's all
I have
Left to see
So make me blind
Make me cry
I'll feed
Even if

I like your evil
I love your sly
You're beautiful
And, baby, that ain't no lie
I love you

You'll be dead
When you're out of my head
Nightmare girl
You make me
Weary as a crazy cat
A busted dog
Or a dirty rat
I'll tell you about this
And that
When you give me all your love

Fuck it
Fuck this

Goddamn this

Listen up, you fucking idiots...
Being 'cool' has nothing to do with your fucking tattoos or piercings or clothes or alcohol intake or drugs you publicly use or any of the vast myriad examples of insipid ephemeral shit that constantly tries to infiltrate our glorious imagination and turn it into a scrapyard desert shithouse (you know what I'm talking about, you media junky dolts).
Lets see.... Oh, yeah...
It has to do with your passion, expression, and creativity.
So, cut the crap, wake the fuck up once and for all, and get on with it. Your little horseshit dance around the hipster beanpole is dried-up-nutsack-tiresome at this point in the old evolutionary process. Got me?

Bring me a lover
I can't use these strings
Except for to choke myself silly
I'll march into dawn
With a single light on
The night, well, she just about kills me
Come morning I'll sleep
In sunshine so deep
Dark oceans they will never fathom
True love prowls the floor
While romance rolls and roars
In waves of lost blues, well, I got 'em
Without her black hair
I ain't going nowhere
No matter the kiss that has found me
Strung out on nerves
And her careless curves
Or the beauty of all that surrounds me
On hard lonely beaches
Each grain of sand preaches
And all prayers escape when the gull cries
The end of time starts
Please give me your heart
And forever I'll see through your eyes

Anything less than love is a foolish dead end.

~ Not True Love ~

And you may not be holy
But you're beautiful
And that kind of love
May not be true
When your spirit grows evil,
turns black, then feels blue
Why should I mind the hell
You put me through?

Chorus (2x):
It's not true love
No, it's not true

And if your kiss is a lie
Hot on your breath
I can think of worse ways
We try to cheat death
Like dice, cards, dinners
And dresses so fine
Yeah, that's the life, baby
But your lips ain't on mine
C'mon, press your lips to mine... CH

And now it's scorched like a plaything
That must laugh at the flames
The nail polish torture
The pretty girl games
When I'm finally gone
Maybe you'll know what really died
You think there's anything left
To keep us alive?

Last night
for a while
I had to seduce you
I couldn't just let you go
No one deserves you, baby like I do
by now
don't you know?
So, I started with shoulders
Arms, neck, and back
Soft kisses on breasts and thighs
Until there was nothing
To hold back our mouths
The rest of it dripped
from our eyes
And when it was over
I cried with the dying
Inside my heart begging
For life
Paced the floor while you dreamed
No, we'll never tell him...
Will we,
my beautiful wife?

And I'll just be one more person who's lost his mind
Tried to be callous
but truly was kind

I'm glad
I was born
On this day
I'm glad
I'm still alive

11/24: Middle of the night, baby, where you been?
Catching up with the spirits
Catching up with sin
And our dreams are just dragging by the drugged up Sun
In a clown's makeup curtsy, well, we dance around our fun

Stepping through a kiss that leaves us stabbed and sore
I need your eyes frozen like a hot little whore
Is it love?
Is it the Devil?
Is it a way to live?
Be my baby
Be my blessing
Be my chance to give

Lonely down the river
Lonely 'cross the sea
Alone inside the halls of eternity
The days hold on, but the days don't know
In time I'll find a way to let you go

This body keeps wanting, but this body is a lie
Cuz the truth wants nothing to do with anything that dies
They try to trick you with the dark
They try to kill you with the past
Only love goes on forever
All this hate will never last

Bitterness can creep in via a variety of sources, but I think the commonality among them is an expectation for *truly* stupid assholes to behave in such a manner that dispels what they *truly* are. Actually, smart assholes are worse.

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Y ooooF. 5/6^=

Ice cream cake
Mashed potatoes with gravy
The usual longing

If your dark secrets were spilled
Would they kill you or set you free?
Would the ghosts in the dresser finally leave you alone
Or spell your destiny
With spiderwebs
With spiderwebs
They tell you in spiderwebs

 I wish I was there when
       led you in
     to a room
full of monsters dripping
 his skin
all trust in the night
 dreams took over
 I would've stopped God in his tracks
 What the hell is this?
 Don't blind her to her beauty!
  Don't curse her precious kiss!
 Tell me why!
  You gotta do her wrong...
 Is it to keep her young forever?
 Is it to make her strong?
 Is it cuz this world is nothing?
  Nothin' beyond your control???
 When your heart is ripped out and your mind
   - haywire -
 at least
   you got your Soul...
 your insanely special
Pure Beauty

A lot of this isn't chronologically accurate.
C'est la guerrrrrrrrre...