Bunny Blight (December 2015)
by Andrew Barranca

There was always something to live for, but there was always something else that could have made this existence more than what it was. I guess it could have been some part pleasure seeking, and some part purpose seeking. It may have just been wanting more, and not being satisfied with what was there, but now I just feel like procreation was just a natural progression for me. Not pleasure or purpose, a desire to complete a cycle. It was not necessary, but it was there. It is a huge undertaking, and I can't say if I'm up for it, but it seems like a project worth doing, just to see if I am capable of it. Like some how raising a baby to an adult successfully would show that I do understand the human condition, and that if a life is put in my hands I'd be able to give them a perspective on our existence that could serve them well.

Does this mean we are getting married?

We've been through so much and handled it so well together. I couldn't imagine a better partner. Whatever happens next I want you to be there. If that is marriage than yes.