Robert Hayes Kee

59 Comments about this Distented Photograph of an Animal that Only Appears to Be a Horse, Randomly Ordered by a Computer

  1. A cable box is one the most literal names in household objects.

  2. Glasses cleaner is a soft cleaning agent.

  3. Charging electronic devices will seem really silly once we don’t have to.

  4. Some people don’t seem to like Bataille. I don’t see why.

  5. WordPerfect.

  6. Exercises for Better Golf is a shockingly entertaining video.

  7. I don’t think the stadium is that great a format for events.

  8. Rocker hair is an important symbol.

  9. I feel like people who talk about dogs vs. cats are missing the real showdown between raccoons and all other beings.

  10. JPEG pixilation can make you an artist.

  11. Punk rock is a strangely enduring thing, don’t you think?

  12. Do you think this list was really sorted randomly by a computer?

  13. Haircuts are really important, aren’t they?

  14. Charles Kuralt is one of the great hosts of TV.

  15. I don’t think dong is the funniest word for penis, but I can’t think of a funnier one at the moment.

  16. An increase in the use of the phrase ”the pictures” would create a sense of unity in our fragmented culture.

  17. My suit is a bright Irish green / The color and cut are striking / I'm something of a standout in the crowd / Don't chew on that power cable son / I guess I owe you one

  18. Vulva is word that I like a lot.

  19. A wireless mic is harder to use as a murder weapon.

  20. Coasters are an important decor item.

  21. Vehicles with 6 wheels are halfway through a transformation.

  22. There are a lot of parts of London.

  23. Great fences make lewd neighbors.

  24. Did anyone ever give you a satisfactory reason why it’s “Jesus H. Christ”?

  25. I look cute in all these pictures.

  26. I have a lot to say about Cyberpunk.

  27. You should not have higher expectations for Saturday night than any other.

  28. Now's the time to redefine the first arrangement again.

  29. Holy Shit

  30. More animals’ participation in the deployment of vintage trains is necessary.

  31. I had the thought yesterday that keys really are a strange way to insure security and ownership.

  32. I feel like plants look greener in pictures.

  33. Who’s your favorite?

  34. John Cage v. John Cale

  35. == ++ >>

  36. The monoculture never knowingly spread the disease mono, but many others.

  37. Seems like everybody was let down by the Wii U.

  38. The creation of a labor union dedicated to horsepower (or thusly named) would not increase the use of sawtooth waves amongst operators of submarine equipment.

  39. Cup and saucer sets are essential for tasteful living.

  40. I don’t want people to think that I’m an angry person.

  41. I bought a book about sex at a religious thrift store today.

  42. Why wasn’t the nickname dynamic duo used for butt checks before it was applied to Batman?

  43. I’m glad not that many people want to talk about Fluxus.

  44. I would like vulvar to become a word in regular use.

  45. I preserve great moments as they come.

  46. The black eyes of this animal don’t scare me. I find them calming.

  47. We’re doing the exact same thing; that’s fun.

  48. Roads are good.

  49. Will this joke land 59 times?

  50. I hate pencils and prefer pens for all uses.

  51. This animal looks too much like a kangaroo to be a horse.

  52. Scanner horseLines = new Scanner("horseLines.txt");

  53. amps > cramps

  54. Video games are so important.

  55. At one point, there were 618 words in this document.

  56. There’s just a jangly ring of metal that keeps everyone else out of your stuff.

  57. A disjointed face is an honest face.

  58. Plaid might get a bad rap, but it’s essential to cross lines.

  59. Dictionary of the Avant Grades