Recipe For Disaster: Macaroni Mayhem (December 2015)
by Zack Kouns and Rick Weaver

ZK: Macaroni mayhem. Macaroni and Morgan. A view to kill for on macaroni mountain. O to live on Morgan macaroni. O to slip down a macaroni waterslide on my climb to the bottom. Tone bone macarone, gleet bree hand San Antone, Texas stick hick. Lavendar Macaroni pony bucking Tuck and tender bubble wet foozeblacktumtum. Peeve me alone-y, Ricky Macaroni. Bereave hold Kentucky bapist side dish bring the velveteen rabbit cheese bumblebrine. Island macaroni ferris wheel bozo bot. Get your head in the clouds cowtoe.

RW: Macaroni macrame. Make my macrobiotic macaroni. MacAroni Callihan.

ZK: Mumbling mackerel macaroni miso.

RW: Old Macaroni had a farm.

ZK: Macaroni miasma: "think and sink"

RW: Paddy whack Mac attack. Heave Ho Mac-O

ZK: Chris Elliot in his late 50s riding his bicycle at full speed into a police officer made out of macaroni. Macaroni breaking pencils with his tongue. Sonny and Cher eating pencils and macaroni on their honeymoon on a groundhog's back. Why is the weatherman to sick to macaroni pony? Why do the planets crave producers made out of macaroni and shadows whose bus is leaving. Overweight brain surgeons doing scans of macaroni and wearing macaroni plaid veteran veterinarians. Bowlers zipping cooked macaronis down a lane and knocking down otters very hard. Macaroni beer eating pancakes and panty wastes for a mid meal snack. "I don't pick up my sister's toothpaste out of mailbox toilet anymore." -Macaroni Otis Redding made completely out of macaroni on a carousel riding on a pony with it's mouth spitting cotton candy with Stan Getz playing a macaroni Gilberto with his two front toes. Macaroni wind, macaroni bend. Morgan macaroni never ever eats sleet. Macaroni ice sculptures. Macaroni microphone floating above all of our beds. A thousand people eating macaroni rodents unzipping their lips for the first time. Winter streets iced up with macaroni. Macaroni behind the wheel of automobiles made out of Gene Hackman in Hoosiers. Kissing an older woman after she stayed in her room for hours fixing her hair with macaroni products she bought at Frame's beauty supply.