Pony Payroll Bones talkin Country Poems and Drawings
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

Greenspring Valley Road

Bucks and doe

Bucks an doe

BucKs and Does

All strewn bouT dead

All along broke curve spine

Greenspring Valley Road

Bus Blues

Tha green bus

bursing a bust

those green

green flames

drives by

ever nights

that is the throttle of every


into them shadow eyes

tween trees

--shadow teeth

some be sharp

some be dull

Hear that country song?

Who put that piddle

in dipping ghost pond?

When i was a boy

fingers bleed

both hands

and the moon was just a flashlight

cop looking for every bit of

squirrel bone stew

wait a minute of a spinter

....especially the left, that is the hands..

I just don't ask enough of tha

right questions.

I hear that green guitar burst into

green flames...

the river be green two ...

I got two left hands

the devil has two left hands...

leave me alone in my rockin chair

night be dark and chilly ....


flames though

and then someone else

be the mirror.