Asking the Tough Ones About That Old Worm Dirt: An Interview with Rick Weaver
by Zack Kouns

ZK: Rick, what’s your take on Java these days? Are you still a jittery joe?

RW: Coffee is amazing. What pot is to Willie is what coffee is to me. Eye opening, enlightening and pretty damn fun.

ZK: Rick, does it ever make you anxious, slurping down so much rocket fuel?

RW: Nah, my speech gets a little manic though, on occasion. Warble tone. Mostly it puts me in a mellow mood.

ZK: Rick, does it ever keep you up just a little too late?

RW: Nah, I do enough during the day that I get tuckered out enough at night. Me and coffee got a good thing going on.

ZK: Have you ever tried Bob Marley’s coffee brand?

RW: Bob Marley puts out some pretty dang good products, one of which is the coolly caffeinated One Drop. Brother, coffee really mellows me out and brightens my day. It makes that blue sky just a little bluer.

ZK: Do you think that’s a reference to his chart topper “One Love”?

RW: I think it’s a reference to “this cup of coffee is one of many coffee beverages you will enjoy in your lifetime; it’s like one drop in the ocean. Drink up and have a good time, Rick. Love, your pal Bob Marley.”

ZK: Rick, you ever put sugar in your jitter juice?

RW: I’m not opposed to sweeting the deal.

ZK: You ever drink a little Morning Jolt from a gas station, Rickster?

RW: Though I prefer to brew at home to ensure the coffee is brewed strong and to save costs, I enjoy coffee from gas stations as well. Coffee is coffee, no matter where you pour it, just as people are people. I see people in the gas stations all the time. They are also in their homes. That’s an educated guess though, because I’m a “live and let sip” kind of guy, so I don’t go poking around in other people’s houses.

ZK: Christmas coffee. Opinions on that?

RW: Hey, I’ll try a holiday blend or two. Variety is the spice of life and the exotic is everywhere. All coffee is Christmas coffee. Everything is Christmas; every day is Christmas. I drink coffee every day and that’s not a bad gift.

ZK: Listen to this. It’s a wild idea that I’ve had: using chocolate milk instead of water in a coffee pot. Would you try a stunt like that?

RW: Now you’re just getting goofy. There is nothing wrong with the coffee formula, so why try and change it around?

ZK: “Variety is the spice of life and exotic is everywhere”

RW: You are onto something with that “Exotic”stuff.

ZK: Rick, would you eat a napkin if it was soaked with that old black medicine?

RW: No.