Bunny Blight (February 2014)
by Andrew Barranca

I dreamt I was swimming in a bowl of vegetable soup.

If I had lots if money I would buy us a giant potato, and we would swim in mashed potato for weeks.

If I was rich I would just double fist carrots all day.

We can't go out the same way we came in. Maybe if we follow the cave we'll find another exit.

If we stay here someone might come looking for us. Do we really want to take a chance, and venture into a cold dark cave?

Nobody knows where we are. If we look deep inside we might find our own way out. It looks like someone has been down here. There looks like there are some scratches on the wall.

Those aren't scratches they're words.

"Take only what you can use."

Look there are jars here. Pickled cabbage, eggs, cucumbers. Looks like some one was living down here. Let's eat. We're gonna need sustenance if we plan to go deeper.