Robby Kee locked me in his Atlanta home unlawfully, a non sequitur Odyssey
by Zack Kouns

KEE NEEDS TO (KEE)P HIS MITTS OFF OF MY IDEALS. I am the new homeless US because Anna is sweet on me and I can't believe Kee. Robby Kee locked me in his home. Kee made a mistake and you've got to pay for it. You can't lock Kounsie in a corner. He locked me up and threw away the Kee. Kee accused me of mouthtreason. Basic human rights, huh? No chance. I can leave homes when I choose. It was right that Kee locked you in his home. You're a crook. I'm a free man. Robby Kee is running a Penal Colony and it will be my Mouthjoy to expose it. I'm a walking thesaurus, a robot and I won't be taken advantage of by criminals locked up in Kee's penal colony. I am the Birthday boy who's always free from the wrath of Kee. I produced heirloom lettuce today without Kee's say so, house cat. You don't have a mouth to stand in, domesticate. You've just got a dirty cat litter box to clean up in Kee's penal nightmare. Get to it or go to solitary via Kee's laws. I won't need any Kees, indoor cat. I'll be watering the flowers while you aristocrats try to buy kitty litter with fake checks. I love everyone. I am not free of responsibility to others. I am free of the Penal Colony of the Weavers and Kees of the world. Free to take a walk when I like. I love you and Kee and have known the suburban jail and found it distasteful and noisy. He's not his brother's (Kee)per. While you sat on your balls all day and ate (Kee)weed, I built a compost bin for free men. I (kee)p a close watch on this heart of mine. I didn't hear any heat apology, Rick Anthony friend of music. Kee locked me up. I don't have to live like that as a free man. You might be OK with being locked up by Kee but I am a free man. Deal with that. I can't get over Robby Kee locking me in his home. I'm a free man. Not a housecat. I don't use Kee's (kee)ty litter. Just try to lock me up and throw away the Kee. I dare you. Robby's gonna have you under lock and Kee tonight. Watch that Pony run in the Moon light. Gonna sell you for glue while they expect me to look on? I doubt it. I have the skeleton Kee. He'd sell you to the horse factory and moon to the moon factory and me he really has it in for, because I'm onto him but also love him. Let's see a Kee love story for once.