A Couple Poems (February 2015)
by Jen "Erect Joy" Monknun

As everyone knows, there are five seasons, there is Spring, Summer, Fall, Christmas, and Winter. At this moment, let's take a peak into this last magical season, Winter. Winter of the day, Winter of the night, Winter of the body, Winter of the soul, and the bugs are going to die in the winter.

The pentangle is righted and the cups five are overturned and at rest . There are some sprouts. There are some clouds, and there is an unnatural light.

The hermit has two faces. One face looks like a craggy old man and the other face is looking down with a beard and is kind of young and soft. It seems like the first mentioned is more like a dummy face, you see it first and look away seeing nothing. Then the other face is the otherworldly one, that is serenely walking through the skins of worlds without causing damage or concern.

There is a healthy corn growing behind the hermit's rear. Above, the scales of truth dissolve and open to the main attraction, the soul of the soul.

It shall hold true, that prophesy that says,

"From a good seed breed a bounty."

And thankfully during my studies I retained (at least partial) knowledge of this adage,

"Documentation is the key to freedom" --------------

So, here are some notes that I took.

Dong Dong and Drop Off

Once upon an evening moldy, there was a funny duo stomping around the Ol' cobblestoned street.

Dong Dong and Drop Off are having a great time.

They have a friend in each other.

But Dong Dong and Drop Off are Two Dopes out for no good.

They are going to get in some big nasty trouble.

I am Dong dong

I am Drop Off.

Dong Dong and Drop Off went down to the grocery and what did they see, but that:

"Momma's Meat Rub" is on sale for $4.99 - And you better be careful what you rub it on, or where she rubs it, because that shit is GONNA BURN.

And as my time ran out, I felt the elasticity slip from my reach, and the virtuosity dissolving into a wet mess. The old metal lay limp in my hands. I turned behind and met eyes with the embarrassed elevator man, who was urinating on my rump on that very stage. It was a sight to be seen. "I am a little white girl!" Whining and throwing the tools down around God smote the very essence of frailty from my form. I was riveted with passion and fire and threw some water on.


And lastly, on my way home from Sammy Squirrel's the other day, I was looking down in

And I heard the little animals and Woodspeople and fairy people singing a song.

They said it was "The ballad of a recording artist or two"

And they sang and sang their song.

For, don't you know, This is the month that a very special

and new

Magnetic tape release shall see

The light of a pretty, pretty day.

So check your local Sam Goody or other fine retailer for the latest release on "Human Conduct Records" it was cut by two stinking fools who are named after animals and minerals.

It's guaranteed - To be Hot off the shelves.