Bunny Blight (February 2016)
by Andrew Barranca

They're beautiful Mouse. I can't decide if they look more like you or me.

What should we name them?

It is too soon to tell Mouse. Let's give them names they can grow into no matter who they become.

This one will be Gaffney and the other will be Cobain. Those names seem fairly open to interpretation, Mouse

We all have a little excellence mixed in with our average Bear. I like it.

No turning back now Bear. We are there only lifeline.

I feel totally lost, totally overwhelmed, totally unsure, Mouse.

Being parents is a lot like being in love. Every time I look at them I wonder if it is all real, and then I realize it is, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am so pleased Mouse.

Me too, Bear. I think it is time to head home now.

We'll make our own home, Mouse.