The Death of Love's Blues #11
by Steve Gigante

   Frank Sinatra once threatened to break the legs of The Unknown Comic.
  Look it up.

      Meeeenwhiiiiile, back awn da satellite…

~ Eating the Stale Bread of a Local Suicide on the Day the World Learned of the Death of David Bowie ~

My condolences.

I know you were in love.
As I sit and eat.
The bread of the dead.

I butter my toast.
Made with the bread.
Of the hopelessly dead.
Land O' Lakes.
I don't bother to spread.
Just slap on square inch squares.
They have no time to melt.
I feel what you felt.
When you wanted to go.
Back to the spirit.
Dragged around by ashes.
I'd rather be beaten for my beliefs.
Over dying like that.
Pain is a soldier.
Bloodied by bayonet blades.
Denied light by cool dark shades.

Mercury retrogrades.

The poor mostly eat poison.
And wonder what the hell happened.
If I can still cry.
I know I'm not lost.

The black heart of the sun.

There's a piece missing.
Please bring my dead love.

I don't believe.
I must believe.
I don't believe.
I must believe.



~ The Revisionist Puppeteers Court Criminal Death ~

Put on your hats
Wind up your strings
Make fun of dead people
Make light of dark rings
Circling planets
Threatening sky
Maybe the aliens know, but do the aliens lie like everyone else in control or command?
Retroactive snapshots
Hold our hand
Crawling over signals
For a wave or a mouse
The grid is coming down
Look under your house
If you're lucky enough to have one
If you're stubborn enough to live
Having broken out of prison
With Imagination's shiv
And the love that steels your eyes
The love that won't go away
Yeah, that's all that really matters
At the end of the day
As the revisionist puppeteers court criminal death
I'll breathe with all my heart
And enjoy each & every breath


~ Youth Culture Fixation ~

Youth culture fixation
Is nothing but lies
Cuz until you get old
You'll never get wise
And wisdom is sacred
Wisdom is cool
A sophomoric person
Is just a wise fool
Seniority's better
Seniority's great
Being a senior
Is worth the wait
So hang in there, kids
If you're a girl or a guy
I know how it feels
When you wanna die
I know what it's like
To not give a fuck
To wish a car would take you out
Or, even better, a truck
To hate society
And all the crooked leaders
To wish that everything that's sour
Could be a little sweeter
Not that being old is all sugar
Or always great
But, it seems easier to love
And harder to hate
Cuz the number of things deserving hatred is really curiously small
I wonder if there will come a day
When I'll hate nothing at all
Except hatred
(I hear fear is like that, too)
And loving everything
Is all I'll do
I'll let you know when it happens
I'll let know how it goes
I hope I get there soon
And I hope it shows