Pony Payroll Bones Talking Words That Concern Porter Wagoner’s Great Grandfather Larkin Allen
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

Larkin Allen born 1833.

These are WORDS that concern the life of Porter Wagoner’s Great Grandfather Larkin Allen.

Larkin Allen—Supper Pie fiddler

Larkin Allen. Larkin Allen. He bred horses and he would shoot down a horse thief that would try to steal any his horses.

Once, a fool stole a Lark Allen horse and was way too many gallops ahead of Mr. Lark Allen in hot pursuit. Allen just whistled loudly as could be and the horse heard the Lark whistle and just bucked the God damn thief off into the field. Allen rode up steadily to the busted up horse thief now confounded with shock. Mr. Lark Allen put some bullet holes into that horse thief and he did not arise on Sunday like any Lazarus---


Larkin fought for the Union army.

     HE had to wander back home. His wife was due to give birth.

HE was called a DESERTER since he made the moral decision to go home to protect Sarah.

     Whilst gone some confederate scum attacked the farm. They Stole all the food. Destroyed the live stock. Sarah laid up in bed wouldn’t tell them a God damn thing. She had hidden the silver and gold through weary warning words traveling faster than any rebel

God Damned confederates burned all the baby clothes Sarah had hidden under the bed. Did they also violate this very pregnant woman?

God damn Rebels burned all of West Plains, Missouri down.


Neighbor Feuds….last through blood generations. One really became its own ghost when such a feud resulted in the very death of Larkin Allen. The ghost curse of this feud would haunt several blood generations on both sides.

IT started with some saddle trash making some damage to the property. Some even accused of Larkin Allen of being a horse thief.

Later Morgan Shillon is made very dead.

This in probability being the source of the hateful vengeance that ambushed Larkin All He was murdered in cold blood …shot torn down from the saddle. They killed the horse too. This was the 1870s.

Larkin Allen---Fiddler. He fiddled drunk. He fiddled sober.

He is the Great Grandfather of Porter Wagoner.

All facts were taken from the high holistic ghostly epic and do I strongly recommend: Eng, Steve (1992), A Satisfied Mind: the Country Music Life of Porter Wagoner, Rutledge Hill Press, ISBN 1-55853-133-5