Asking the Tough Questions: Are you mad about anything right now? (February 2016)
by Zack Kouns

ZK: You mad about anything right now?

Jake Head (agent provocateur in the Bay area music scene): Whoís this?

Brian Morseberger (1 half of Drums Like Machine Guns and all around lovable guy): Canít say that I am, how is your heart and mind buddy?

Graham Boulder (Harrisonburg maniac ready to roar): Tell the truth I am a little irritated. Looking at a $4.50 convenience fee to pay this water bill on the web. Get real!!!

Drew Roth (Kansas City king. Have him give you some driving directions, I dare you): Nope. Someone was mad at ME though. They assumed I was going to remain in an annoying mood and be butthurt about stuff but I never was going to this time and theyíre over it.

Wendy Hyatt (Suicide Magnet and Horses staffer): I was driving alone in a big city with 15 minutes to my deadline. Phone decided to lock up at a critical moment.

Leslie Keffer (Ohio noise queen): I donít think soÖwhy?

Marlee Mincher (Georgian putt putt course designer): I did a bad job plucking my eyebrows.

Frank Cavanaugh (Appalachian native looking at the river and dreaming of the sea): Not specifically. You? I feel somewhat unsatisfied living here for 10 years other than my art/music friends to show for myself but who is keeping score?

John Lewis (lunatic): No dad; I drop the fear each morning before I climb out of bed.

Adam Keith (Cube master, energy drink aficionado): Hmm

Ecig Dio: (Richmond master blaster and Crystal Castle resident): Woah, I mean a little but itís okay I have no right to be mad. Unfulfilled more than anything. Also hello!

Josh Johnston (Pineyville, Kentuckyís mouth of the south and Bevo Francisís personal champ): Iím mad at everything.

Evan Lipson: (Tiki torch lighting up all of Tennessee with his bass guitar): Iím pleased as punch partner.

Robby Kee (The warden of Atlantaís Penal Colony.): That tomorrow is Monday. Thatís my first thought.

Max Nolte: (Drum whiz kid making it big on NPR): I wish.

Kerry Erin Coattails: (Huntington, West Virginiaís remedy for a bad diet): Not at the moment. I mean, I could be.

Daniel Taylor (Politico and Horses staffer): All of it.

Morgan Garrett (Stardad): Not a damn thing. Anything I could get a little Ricked off about? Iím pumped.