Eddie Raven Money Rabbit's Tinder Profile Needs More Matches (February 2017)
by Zack Kouns, Pony Payroll Bones, and Bryan Martin

PPB: Eddie Raven is a mother fucker ducker. OK. Eddie Raven is not so bad. Just me. And him. And he is.

ZK: Can he see, or is that Eddie Rabbitt?

BM: Well he def ain’t Santa Brown from Outta Town.

PPB: Eddie Raven big songwriter. Write that big song for Oak Ridge Boys “Thank God for Kids”

BM: Even The Kids can tell Lil Howlin Wolf and Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant ARE SAME PERSON

ZK: Eddie Raven loves a rainy night.

PPB: Yur stuck on Eddie Rabbitt.

ZK: Why can’t you just tell me if Eddie Raven can see? I love Eddie Raven’s chart topper “Take Me Home Tonight, I can’t believe it didn’t go number one. His Tinder profile should say something about that. I bet he’d get a lot more matches.

BM: Somebody done slipped on a wet pizza.

ZK: Probably Eddie Raven since his vision is as dark as his feathers.

BM: Oh I love a beefy night.

ZK: He shouldn’t have put a tinderoni on his pizza, anyone knows that.

BM: 93 Summer Struggle via New Japan TV w/piss cardinal audio complete with Mexican samurai candles since we’re getting dark

ZK: “How The West’s Jaw Was Wired For Sound” by Eddie Raven Money Roger Rabbit Tinderoni should have won record of the year last year and I refuse to slip on a wet pizza even one more time until the academy recognizes it. This Eddie Money Rabbit Raven song is as good as it gets, unless you’re getting one of those famous camel clutches from Sergeant Slaughter that Bryan loves so much and that Pony LOVES so much.

PPB: So he does….Trumpy doing “the piss play” I think it’s Chubby Checker’s comeback single.