The Buddy Boy Chronicles - Rose Reach
by Rory Hinchey

Even as a young boy, Buddy Boy* appreciated his good fortune in having the opportunity to visit Heinz's Opa and Oma in the countryside of West Germany. It was just outside of the village of Poigenberg that Heinz's paternal family owned many large parcels of land for the purposes of farming.

Amongst the standard lot of barnyard animals, Heinz's Opa kept a small group of horses. For both Buddy Boy and Heniz, watching Elmar, one of the young stallions, was nothing short of sublime. The bay was undoubtedly one of God's finest, noblest creatures.

In their bunk beds at night, the two children whispered of their hopes and dreams, the most pressing of which was their desire to own a horse like Elmar, and have him race in the derbies.

To mark his 50th birthday in 2008, Buddy Boy purchased a bay colored colt. Through the generosity of a business associate in America, Buddy Boy had the horse, which he named Rose Reach, stabled in Kentucky. Buddy Boy had already concocted several business trips to the United States for the real purpose of visiting the magnificent animal. Later in 2010, Rose Reach would race in the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.

(The Buddy Boy Chronicles continues next month with Heinz)

* Names, personal details, and certain details have been intentionally obscured in order to preserve the anonymity of the individuals discussed herein.