Kountry Korral
with Mr. Midnight

Aaron Tippin: You've Got To Stand For Something

Take a look inside yuhself, frens. Ain't tha true love an affection been whipt out a ye an replacet with grievous afflictions? When I's a 9 year old boy, I's upstairs in mah granddad's old house takin a bath. Granddad was at Star Video rentin us a VHS tape an grandma was stayin with her aunt who was havin surgery near Harlan for the weekend ta care fer her. My sister and her fren spent the night too. My sister snuck ta her boyfren's down tha road while granddaddy was gone. Sister's fren (who was bout 15 years ol) knocked on the door ta tha bathroom where Ah was warshin an Ah hollered out “Bout done.” She came in anyways an sat down on tha edge of tha tub whal Ah tried ta cover mahself. She ran her hands through mah hair an then acrost mah cheek an ast if Ah wanted help warshin. Ah tol her at Ah was doin jus fine without her help but she ript the warshcloth out a mah tiny hands an soapt it up whal I jus sort a layet thar and trembled. She started slowly rubbin mah pecker with tha warshcloth an Ah felt this primal pain an fear that the first livin thing mustve felt as it was becomin a created thing after being incorporeal fer scaldin eternities. She leant over an kisst me an shoved her flickerin tongue deep down mah throat like she was sendin a serpent ta look fer the secret, cavernous things in me that Ah'd been tryin ta hide. Whal she was kissin me, she started takin off her clothes an perty soon she was naketer than the first sinnin woman there err was. She slitheret inta tha tub an hunchet near the faucet. She pult me tward her to start kissin me again an held me in her arms limp lahk a child that had just been borned. She started usin mah lifeless arms ta explore her writhin body; she took an jammed mah pointer, middle and ring finger inta her crotch an she sort a moaned lahk a hurt thing. With mah right hand she caresset her breasts, all tha whal kissin mah buddin, shiverin body. She pult me up by mah buttocks an put her mouth on my half hard pecker whal I struggled not to let my head slip under the bathinwater. Of a sudden, my granddaddy's voice sounded downstairs an she gatheret her clothes in a panic an rusht out a thar in a towel. I finished warshin in a stupor, went to my grandma's room an put the Aaron Tippin album “You've Got To Stand For Something” in tha cassette deck an layet in her bed wonderin what it's like ta not be a livin thing. Tippin knows somethin bout all the good things in yuhself bein fuckt forever out a ye. “In My Wildest Dreams” is a terrifyin track bout this one girl who went swimmin at a quarry in tha strip mines with her boyfren and he drugged her, tiet her up an made her worship this idol made out a granite that had a crown made a venomous snakes, 12 arms each one holdin some sort a weapon that could kill a man dead an a necklace a childern's heads. Whal she was on her knees she had a terrifyin vision of the future a man that she cain't never tell anyone bout cause the spirit in that idol would take her from this world. I jus bet that ye and ye and ye can relate to tha track “The Man That Came Between Us (Was Me)” cain't ye? With jus a human bone poundin on tha hard winter ground for percussion, Tippin conjures a tale bout this lady who has a pack a wild dogs huntin her in tha dark night. She comes upon a man who is dead drunk an past out in tha shallows of the crick an this sinner is so afeared a these dogs that she cuts his stomach open with a bowie knife and crawls inside a him an would you believe those dogs jus past right by her inside this poor feller an din't spect a thing. “She Made A Memory Out Of Me” is what a knife would sound like if it was bein plunged inta a lost heart. I cain't talk bout it. It wounds me too deeply. I heared Aaron Tippin has a workout routine or shake or somethin. You ought ta look inta that too, if'n you're out a shape.