Pony Payroll Bones Talkin End of the Year Country 2013

The dream is always being dreamt. The dreamt is always dreaming. The drunken is not always drinking. The mysteries are drunk and confused.

His arms went crazy. They stopped working in the physics of flesh. Ray price was a smooth talker who smooth talked you. He was voice splashed blood on silk. He may have given up on Country.

Kristofferson has Alzheimer's. All those songs he was writing for Jerry Lee Lewis just three years ago.

Nashville won't let the women in. The merry go round is going into the river with bone protruding silences. Brandy Clark-Brandy Clark- Brandy CLark.

The evening is the twanging of the day.

Let's mention the past and future. Jerry Lee Lewis is still the killer. He's the worse for it. When his wife ate the methadone and Jerry Lee Lewis's hand took a bite out of the window. They could never accurately count all the confiscated drugs.

Billy Jack broke his leg whence he dueled the computerized Monsanto John Deere tractor. The Lakota will devour his marrow rotted encrusted soul in the Buffalo Skull. Now Billy Jack is jacked dead with John Henry. Both are fools and have nothing in common or command.

Pigeons are getting fat eating seed in front of the haunted house where the two red sandstone lions scream.

At noon, the day is a brighter shade of mean just below the Mason-Dixon line.

Garth Brooks just made a bunch more money. Blue eyed Wal Mart SouL.

Ghosts are still fermenting southern accents in the acrid molasses blues.

The evening is the twanging of the day. Slim Whitman GiT uP and Yodel beyond thaT graVe!

I got blood on my hands. I wash my hands in tha muddy water.