Pony Payroll Bones Talkin Ferguson Blues: A Metaphysical InvocatioN
Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

I am 13 miles from the Ferguson city limits.

I am the wet flesh of a wet ghost- I cannot be seen. Raw wet meat. Skinned alive in the upside down.

I am inside the old family farmhouse, yet the farmhouse has been long gone torn down long time gone.

Suburban housing is superimposed and all lines are blurry that can be seen. All time is happening in simultaneous fractures. All lines are blurry that cannot be seen.

I see the childhoods of others. There is happiness. There is learning. There is trouble. There is the gloating behemoth of cultures cauterizing and dilapidating.

Two 14 year old girls are playing a Judd's country cassette on a gray washed out metallic boom box. The radio antenna is broken. The year is 1987. The season is unknown. Mom and dad are out for dinner and drinks.

I know what the girls look like. I don't know what the girls look like.

The history of suburbia is a long perverted groan of banality. A groan of banality gainst others who are the others. Skin and money. Money and skin.

Demonical Jacob economical ladders. Demonical skin heritages.

Wrong things always happen with whispers burst to thunders and boiling rain.

A litany of distrusts


gainst the others.

White man shat on toilet. That why he king dumbo Disney ass.

Violence is the rhetoric of summation.

The suburbia house that is built on the old farmhouse also has two stories.

There is a wild buck deer that has been locked in Tommy's bedroom.

The animal is impaling the wall with antlers.

The animal is shitting and snorting everywhere.

Paula's bedroom is down the hall. She is not in her bedroom.

The year may be 1972 or 1992. I'm too dumb too tell.

2001 is superimposed. Two 17 year old girls Sheila and Tanisha are watching the Brittany Spears movie vehicle that exploits fame into more gruesome fame. The girls are half naked and kissing. Sheila is telling Tanisha how she fucked John last night and is showing Tanisha how to fuck. The TV. glow glazes their nakedness....making out drooling..licking spittle. farting.

The lines are blurry. Sometimes make shapes.

The ritual of the wind is full of slow growls.

A return to Tommy's room. The buck breaks out the glazed window reflecting the immersive ocean of liquid obsidian night.

Tommy is naked and lays down in a pile of deer shit.

Jerome is Paula's boyfriend.

Jerome gets naked steps in Paula's bath. He pisses on her face and she laughs.

Paula gets out of the shower still has shampoo in her hair. She hisses at her naked body.

Jerome walks to Tommy's room. Fucks Tommy in the ass though never finishes the job.

The ritual of the wind moans off the desolate prairie.

There are ghosts that never had human bodies wailing in the caverns beneath Saint Louis.

Every time is occurring and is confusing.

A woman has a heart attack whilst protesting. The cops then tear gas her.

Father and Mother did not want violence.

A cop shot down in the curdled West Ferguson Street. His tongue is blistered with burns.

Sinister demons serrations.

Skinned alive in the upside down after life living life.

Morning sun illuminating--- charred cinders orange



I am human again. I am against all humans. Tied to stakes in the ground. They got me naked and staked me to the very ground. A cop is drunk with a looted bottle of top shelf whiskey.

The cop is squatting over my chest. He is grunting. He is the law. He is the law grunting. He is the false law grunting. He is moaning and weeping and pushing shit out of his ass onto my chest.

I have no skin. I am one skinned alive. Genetics

A 13 year old black boy walks with the smoldering dawn.

He shoots the cop in the face.

Condolences instantaneous and doubtledly---silver tint ghost make dark bloody--

ghost phantom make dark bloody handprints upon plate glass morning

mourning violent--

Oh Prayer---Let the appearance of human appearances become untraceable ---formless---

un tr a ce abLes



her. Father and Mother what the girls look from the Ferguson city dumb too tell. Too tell. 2001 at her naked body. Naked body. Broken. The year is old girls are playing dumbo Disney ass. Disney ass. Violence shapes. Violence shapes. The ritual of Paula's bath. Paula's bath. He pisses did not want violence. Want violence. Moaning and weeping and The girls are half naked and staked me Louis County police officers is naked and lays are blurry. Are blurry. Sometimes make alive in the upside Sinister demons serrations. Demons serrations. Skinned or 1992. Or 1992. I'm too night went on, the gainst others who are Lambert International Airport were into more gruesome fame. Gruesome fame. The charred cinders orange of others. Of others. There is the Brittany Spears movie year may be 1972 The animal is impaling the others. The others. Skin and walks with the smoldering gainst the others. The others. White perverted groan of banality. Of banality. St. Louis, protesters swarmed attack whilst protesting. Whilst protesting. The Tanisha how to fuck. To fuck. Night and is showing Suburban housing is superimposed happiness. Superimposed happiness. There is learning. Is learning. Buildings, including a Walgreens, she laughs. She laughs. Paula gets that is built on finishes the job. The job. The of cultures cauterizing and law enforcement authorities deployed streets of Ferguson, and enforcement authorities deployed gas caverns beneath Saint Louis. Saint Louis. Whispers burst to thunders and boiling rain. Boiling rain. A , a meat market things always happen with The animal is shitting Every time is occurring a liquor store. Liquor store. Law and Tanisha are watching skin. Watching skin. I am one some of the largest is superimposed. Is superimposed. Two 17 several businesses, including a vehicle that exploits fame were on fire, and year old girls Sheila skinned alive. Skinned alive. A 13 beauty supply store and Ferguson Street. Ferguson Street. His tongue That why he king the ass though never control the crowds. The crowds. In money. In money. Money and skin. And skin. And is confusing. Is confusing. A deer that has been looting was reported in liquid obsidian night. Obsidian night. Tommy year old black boy to the very ground. Very ground. I am 13 miles of deer shit. Deer shit. Jerome is the rhetoric of is blistered with burns. With burns. Were on fire, and Interstate 44 in St. In St. Moans off the desolate the old family farmhouse, protests were taking place. Taking place. Reported heavy automatic gunfire Louis in the neighborhood is Paula's boyfriend. Paula's boyfriend. Jerome or smoke to control bodies wailing in the be heard along the spittle. The spittle. Farting. The lines Raw wet meat. Wet meat. Skinned litany of distrusts repulsions- like. Repulsions- like. I don't know gets naked steps in alive in the upside where another man was return to Tommy's room. Tommy's room. Happening in simultaneous fractures. Simultaneous fractures. Their nakedness.... Their nakedness.... Making out drooling.. Out drooling.. Licking the wind is full she fucked John last locked in Tommy's bedroom. Tommy's bedroom. Hall. She is not the old farmhouse also summation. Also summation. The suburbia house in the area where The radio antenna is the wall with antlers. With antlers. Down in a pile cops then tear gas and snorting everywhere. Snorting everywhere. Paula's prairie. Paula's prairie. There are ghosts not permitted t The Demonical Jacob economical ladders. Economical ladders. Police car was burned; to stakes in the is telling Tanisha how is a wild buck A cop shot down his ass onto my in her bedroom. Her bedroom. The smoke and gas to down long time gone. Time gone. And a storage facility, fall. Facility, fall. Before midnight, St. Midnight, St. Neighborhood where another man A groan of banality I cannot be seen. Be seen. Interstate 44 and blocked unknown. Blocked unknown. Mom and dad 1987. Dad 1987. The season is are out for dinner yet the farmhouse has of slow growls. Slow growls. A like. A like. The history of life. Of life. Morning sun illuminating blurry that can be seen. Be seen. All time is A cop is drunk in the curdled West my chest. My chest. He is police. Is police. At least one on a gray washed has two stories. Two stories. There her hair. Her hair. She hisses chest. Hisses chest. I have no the glazed window reflecting out of the shower with a looted bottle cop is squatting over human again. Human again. I am man shat on toilet. On toilet. And all lines are pushing shit out of of top shelf whiskey. Shelf whiskey. This fall. This fall. As the against all humans. All humans. Tied been long gone torn down after life living dilapidating. Living dilapidating. Two 14 year out metallic boom box. Boom box. The immersive ocean of and chaotic. And chaotic. Bottles and There is trouble. Is trouble. There The buck breaks out a Judd's country cassette rocks were thrown at suburbia is a long is the gloating behemoth shot by police this woman has a heart on her face and The TV. The TV. Glow glazes all traffic near the ground. The ground. They got me Flights to St. To St. Louis bedroom is down the ritual of the wind several businesses. Several businesses. Gunshots could room. Could room. Fucks Tommy in looting was reported in flesh of a ghost- naked and kissing. And kissing. Sheila I see the childhoods Missouri is on fire. On fire. Was shot by police what the girls look ash embers I am the crowds. The crowds. Protesters blocked Demonical skin heritages. Skin heritages. Wrong dawn. Wrong dawn. He shoots the down. The down. I am inside limits. Inside limits. I am the situation grew more intense and drinks. And drinks. I know. I know


A Ferguson Writhed

And rocks were thrown out of his ass demons serrations. Demons serrations. Skinned alive girls Sheila and Tanisha a reaction, Brown's father were heard, CNN teams burned; buildings, including a out drooling.. Out drooling.. Licking spittle. Licking spittle. Farting. He king dumbo Disney Police responded by lobbing top shelf whiskey. Shelf whiskey. Night shots Louis region better for 14 year old girls Ferguson city limits. City limits. I the childhoods of others. Of others. Exploits fame into more have no skin. No skin. I farmhouse also has two is shitting and snorting were on fire, and onto my chest. My chest. I distrusts repulsions- gainst the a long perverted groan the very ground. Very ground. A girls look like. Look like. I tell. I tell. 2001 is superimposed. Is superimposed. Beneath Saint Louis. Saint Louis. Every can be seen. Be seen. All has a heart attack trouble. Attack trouble. There is the cop is drunk with Morning sun illuminating the heart attack, and as economical ladders. Economical ladders. Demonical skin are playing a Judd's He is moaning and walks to Tommy's room. Tommy's room. Is impaling the wall looting was reported in Skin and money. And money.

Money to lead to incredible Paula's boyfriend. Paula's boyfriend. Jerome gets Pony Payroll Bones Talkin the smoldering dawn. Smoldering dawn. He I know what the year is 1987. Is 1987. The that a woman in Tommy's room. Tommy's room. The buck of banality gainst others simultaneous fractures. Simultaneous fractures. I see never had human bodies I'm too dumb too the curdled West Ferguson the crowd had a Several police cars were several people tried to John last night and The lines are blurry. Are blurry. Are watching the Brittany with antlers. With antlers. The animal naked steps in Paula's again. Paula's again. I am against to remain calm no embers I am human weeping and pushing shit to thunders and boiling had urged demonstrators earlier girls look like. Look like. The am inside the old bedroom. Old bedroom. The year may fire. May fire. Fearing just such that makes the St. The St. And staked me to agitators to stop throwing Sometimes make shapes. Make shapes. The antenna is broken. Is broken. The jury decided. Jury decided. "Hurting others went on, the situation is confusing. Is confusing. A woman breaks out the glazed and skin. And skin. Demonical Jacob gruesome fame. Gruesome fame. The girls country cassette on a not want my son's the crowd told the be 1972 or 1992. Or 1992. There is happiness. Is happiness. There has been locked in has shampoo in her of the shower still not want violence. Want violence. A am one skinned alive. Skinned alive. And dad are out cauterizing and dilapidating. And dilapidating. Two named Angel told CNN There are ghosts that built on the old change, positive change. Positive change. Change growls. Change growls. A return to window reflecting the immersive whilst protesting. Whilst protesting. The cops shoots the cop in be seen. Be seen. Raw wet family farmhouse, yet the happen with whispers burst They got me naked the upside down. Upside down. I am the flesh of wild buck deer that Walgreens, a meat market Fucks Tommy in the stakes in the ground. The ground. For dinner and drinks. And drinks. Wailing in the caverns tear gas, even though matter what the grand bottles, but their urgings smoke pellets. Smoke pellets. One protester time gone. Time gone. Suburban housing and lays down in around the region. The region. Bottles don't know what the a ghost- I cannot vain. Cannot vain. I want it cop shot down in Tanisha how she fucked boom box. Boom box. The radio they said they were Some protesters rushed the Spears movie vehicle that after life living life. Living life. Not the answer," Michael squatting over my chest. My chest. Time is happening in on fire. On fire. I am ass. Am ass. Violence is the heritages. The heritages. Wrong things always grew more intense and black boy walks with is superimposed and all all humans. All humans. Tied to police department. Police department. Some in to fuck. To fuck. The TV. The TV. Others. White man shat are half naked and officers lined up in in the upside down gone torn down long lines are blurry that a looted bottle of several businesses. Several businesses. Gunshots could matter what the grand jury decides, I do suburbia house that is Street. Is Street. His tongue is everyone. Is everyone." The cop is rain. Is rain. A litany of night. Of night. Tommy is naked her face and she is not in her laughs. Her laughs. Paula gets out they were tear gassed. Tear gassed. Then tear gas her. Gas her. A 13 year old ass though never finishes of banality. Of banality. A groan hair. Groan hair. She hisses at history of suburbia is her naked body. Naked body. Jerome Brown Sr. Brown Sr. Said. "No is showing Tanisha how at officers, and windows on toilet. On toilet. That why the job. The job. The ritual ocean of liquid obsidian kissing. Obsidian kissing. Sheila is telling of the wind moans Metaphysical Investigation Missouri is police cruiser was on Two 17 year old gloating behemoth of cultures everywhere. Cultures everywhere. Paula's bedroom is time is occurring and bath. And bath. He pisses on meat. On meat. Skinned alive in rhetoric of summation. Of summation. The who are the others. The others. Front of the Ferguson on the ground said. Ground said. 13 miles from the of businesses were smashed. Were smashed. Stories. There is a In the distance, a be heard Jerome is off the desolate prairie. Desolate prairie. Chaotic in several locations a pile of deer or destroying property is blistered with burns. With burns. Sinister is learning. Is learning. There is ritual of the wind charred cinders orange ash farmhouse has been long fells on deaf air. Deaf air. Ferguson Blues: Satire and and a storage facility, gray washed out metallic Tommy's bedroom. Tommy's bedroom. The animal carry the woman away, death to be in Father and Mother did shit. Did shit. As the night down the hall. The hall. She is full of slow glow glazes their nakedness.... Their nakedness.... Making season is unknown. Is unknown. Mom.

**This failed poem/prosody was written in the heat of the announcement of the Ferguson verdict. A vision occurrence A grotesque fracturing and sometimes a seemingly trajectory pursuit of the trivial as tragedy.

Racial injustice (s) are obviously sordid. The events of Ferguson also suggest the economic depravities of our society as well as the depraved realities of our incoherent ideals of all suburban construction.

This is a invocation/provocation towards the metaphysical properties of the violence and the sources of the violence. The pornographic is manifested as a failed attempt to make the horrible even more horrible. Dislocation. The disorientation to render the events of true tragedy into a wayward shelter to heal. Parts two and three plunge deeper into a whirlpool of grotesque truthing.

The Dream world can be one of murders and the wrong dreams have spilled into the hard reality of everyday.

Overall this is writing is a morose curse against all things that led to the possibility of the events of Ferguson, especially those that go about posturing and prostituting Authority formations of order to control the common populace.

Nothing adds up because the evidence does add up. Everyone participates and everyone is guilty.