The ‘Hat Hotel’

all the news that’s hat

I lasted a bare quarter mile before I ripped off its rind and sunk my teeth into my freshly purchased but slightly off lentershire. And not a quarter mile too soon.

It turned in my stomach; it didn’t go down easy, but, as it turns out, big bad cheese is my magic meat, my pungent potion. It rumbled in my stomach, and I...was...off.

With all that moldy magic curdling in my guts, I shot ahead into the lead, running laps around the other runners running laps at the ‘Hat Hotel 1k.’ I was in such a rush, that I knocked over a candlestick, a piano key and even the house detective, not to mention I was running so fast that I wore out the hotel’s oriental rug, the one with the panda bear smiling in knots. What a rush.

        The final lap. Boy, I thought, panting, I love running. I love cheese.

Needless to say I won.

My prize?

An extra night’s stay at the fine fine ‘Hat Hotel.’

I used my extra time wisely. I used it to type up this little ditty.

See you at the races! (I hope)


-Hat Hotel; December 20, 2015