The Teenaged Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (January 2016)
by Lauren Hamami

dreamt i was driving a huge SUV through the snow, the steering wheel was so big that i had to lift my arms all the way up into the air to grab the top of it. I pulled over and hopped onto a bike instead. as i was riding along i could see all sorts of big and whole sea shells peeking through the snow on the road so i parked the bike in the middle of a busy and barely visible intersection covered in thick snow. I began picking up beautifully patterned green and pink and yellow rocks. there was a deep footprint that i dug around and found a perfectly circular and shiny white flat rock. when i went to reach for it a very tiny gang of men began to attack my index finger. i pulled back reflexively and heard their barely audible shouts. i tried to pick it up again thinking that they couldn't hurt me. i held it up in the light and realized that it was actually a blank pin. i didn't want it anymore so i gave it back to the small gang of people. i turned around with my pockets full of amazing rocks to walk back to my bike. a cop on a bike stopped me and said "empty your socks, now!" i reached my hands into my pockets and he interjected "I said SOCKS!!!" and then before i had time to respond he said "you know, this is private property", and i said "no its not.. its a public intersection". he smiled and i realized he was trying to hit on me the entire time. he asked me to walk over to the park and sit and talk with him. when we got there, he sat on the top of a wall and he was looking down on me. i began to climb the wall so that i could be level with him but he said "no, stay down there! ha, a Sicilian Spoon!" as if our bodies made this well-known formation situated like we were. i refused his request and climbed the wall anyways. i could read his mind as i did this. it read "wow, now here's someone that's up for a challenge!" i could feel his heart race a little bit when i got to the top and sat with him.