Pony Payroll Bones talkin the first portent poem of 2017
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

THe Southernization of the EconomY

Woman don’T you ever ever
Laugh at me...dark one

1980s country is
The dark night of the soul

The 1980s was just a
shinY veneer forged from
Diamonds and silver
Mined from the many
Lifeless skinned meat
Hands of child labor.
Thus veneer in 1980s
Country musical was to
Make the homicide and
Sorrow that is country
Music ironically covert.

There you go.  LOsT
LLOST ouT thar
In the terminal throes.
LosT ….lost it i saY..
THe comPLeTe
SoutheRniization of the
Economic systems
Happened a long gone
Forlones….too laTe ….so
whaT you saY?  Wana
shoT of Bourbon (s)

Meanwhile child and don’ts yous
Evers forgets this.  THere shaLL be
alwaYs be ghosT winds whispering
At the window panes...at all the doors
To this edfidice.  The h ouse that
Sexually mangles and molests
The young naive childrens…
Chortling silenTly admisT
demoniC darKness.

Yu see?  Good deaL of my clothes
Comes from the advertent gifts
Issued from the imaginarY froth
Of the deceased.

Yes there is pathOs.  So LET
There be patHos.  I wear the socks
Of a dead man.  I wear  his T-shirts.  I wear
His nice button up sleeveless vest.