An interview with Morgan Garrett, an up and comer in the American Noise Rock Underground (Part iii)
by Zack Kouns

ZK: I just heard a horn honk 1000 times on repeat, big and tall man.

MG: Yeah, guess what I know that this happens to me daily. I can't believe how fortunate I am to hear 1000 honks per second until I die. 1000 individual horns.

ZK: The thousand horns of Weaver.

MG:Rick standing outside the car 1/2 way honking at the most unbelievable speed imaginable. If I sleep I imagine Rick's 1000 horns. If I am awake I imagine Rick's 1000 horns.

ZK: If Rick hadn't ever breathed aren't you concerned that you wouldn't be alive?

MG: If Rick breathes, I'm alive if Rick dies I'm dead. Simple. If Rick starts a project I do, if he quits I decide, if he moves I stay. It's the same. If Rick pays me, I take it. If Rick drives I consider it, if he breaks down I don't bat an eye at all, it's his gig and his rig he should've prepared but if it's me, it's him and that's simple. If Rick jams out, I write. If he records, I overwrite the masters. If he uploads, I reblog give me Rick's password right this second Zack right now. If Rick signs a deal, I confer with my friends. If he goes DIY I'm respectable, if he gets donations I refuse. It's just a matter of what we, Rick and I want for my art and I want a lot which is a fact.

ZK: Login: rickjweaver@gmail.com. Password: iambetterthanmorganireallybelievethat. Do you ever think you'll learn to laugh a little?

MG: I'm going to call 911 on Rick soon.

ZK: What are your feelings like?

MG: Interesting, because my friend has a lot of data saved on his CPU of different responses. Personality quiz, FB stuff and a lot of other things like ACT, IQ and tests for school. It all comes back about the same: a boy born bleak and sterile with one glance of the world and a drive to make it out of Po Dunc baby. You don't pinpoint a boy out of the woods and you just read baby and file it away like a lot of my friends. FB, real, collegiate, family etc. There's no straight answer it's just pretty much "hmmmmm". Take me to jail where I belong.

ZK: Do you think you'll ever learn to laugh a little?

MG: The more I live and think about my life the more pissed off I get that I was locked in Toby Kees penal colony. I just realized that Robby Kee should apologize to me.

ZK: Have some fun before you croak, Kermit. Ribbitt. What are your thoughts on catchers?

MG: I have an obsession with legendary MLB Reds catchers. I respect catchers more than human, man. Now I believe that taxes pay for MLB catcher salary and honestly I don't even have the slightest problem with that. I am getting pissed the hell off thinking about cheaters like McGwire, new White Sosa, not Griffey, and BS like Miguel Tejada lying about his age. I've played ball and I CAN play ball. I am pissed off thinking about lying from Puerto Rico to infiltrate ex pure. MLB. It is insane that it is not the same it won't be. The home run race saved mass media MLB forever and I was OK with it then, but I just don't know anymore. Jason Larue is the greatest defensive catcher the Reds have ever had. and OK man wow I am about to unleash. That motherfucker turned his back on Cincy. Period. He committed his offense and defense (his true profession) to the Redlegs. And he turned his back. There was a major brawl between the Cards and the Reds and they crushed his dumbass (he was now on the Cards) because of his shit ass talk. You're a Red, or not. Become a HOF as a Red or sit and spin baby kiss my ass