Vacation Bible School
by Mac Callihan

        Tattoo of the letter "C" this morn, right on my chest. The "C" stands for Christ, community, and clarity.
        Hey ya’ll Prophet peoples, it's good to be back! What a lovely group you are, how loving and ever expanding you are. God loves ya! Now love him back! Go on, do it! I'm going to hire a life coach today, here on this very podcast, from one of ya'll. Lucky caller number 9 will be my rock, my therapist for the next month. Yeah, I'm 54 and hiring a life coach. I'm young yet. I'm easy to work with, but have been told I'm delusional by many. Naysayers! Liars! They’re crazy!!! They don't know me!
        I am Smith Holbrook, your sweetly aging sports reporter, and I’ll be damned if I don't mean well. There are 2 things that I am fervently passionate about: Jesus and basketball. And there is more of a connection between the two than you may suspect. My theory, and I have nothing to base this on other than gut instinct, is that part of the recovered Dead Sea Scrolls—particularly the Great Isaiah Scroll—contained basketball prophesies that are still being fulfilled. I better leave it at that. I'm currently investigating. But I'm also currently barbecuing and listening to E.L.O. here in Raceland, Kentucky. So who's counting anyway?! It's SUMMER! Praise Jesus, Prophet Nation!
        But anyway, back to business...basketball season, at long last, is over. The Golden State Warriors beat LeBron James in the NBA Finals just a few short weeks ago. It ain't easy being King, Mr. James. He did his best, and he will be back next year and most likely win himself a third Championship. Please, for the sake of Cleveland and her people, bring one home.
        OKAY. That's all about hoops I feel like talking about. Let’s let off the gas here. I've been in a leisurely sway, entertaining friends and family lately; basketball talk needs to wait another month or two. This is my vacation, Propheteers, you dear and favorite lot. Our talk today will be largely tranquil and meander around, as you've already noticed. If you're tottering or somethin similar, I'll restorrrrrre your equilibrium.
        So, my wife and I have been teaching at our old Baptist Vacation Bible School all this past week, and oh my, it has been a sheer delight. The innocence and joy in those children’s eyes…it has been a warm and welcome site for me. One boy, Hosea, around 5 years old, was just dead set on the psyche of Moses. He needed to know what Moses thought, and how he responded to being such an integral figure in our Lord’s kingdom.
        All week, Hosea went on at length about how Noah’s Great Arc must have had just super-glued infrastructure, accounting for it’s immense strength. The other young ones loved how curious and willing to imagine Hosea was when it came to the Bible, and they all followed suit. He taught my wife and I an awful lot, mostly to keep an open mind, and to never be afraid to ask questions. The last day of Vacation Bible School, Hosea approached my wife and I with a drawing in his outstretched arms. It was of a cross, with a beautiful blue sky in the background. Hosea had tears of happiness and love in his eyes, tears of understanding. He hugged my wife and I and we embraced him back as he whispered to us a bumbling question: “Mister and Misses Holbrook, what does it mean to be humble?”

        God Bless that boy. God bless this universe. I’ll hire the life coach next month; I think I'm good, boys. I’m crying in front of my guests, and trying to grill this chicken. I love you all, and I hope you love every neighbor you got. Kentucky forever. I’m a happy Smith Holbrook, and it's Prophet Reporting.