A Picture of Health (July 2015)
by The Institute for Bowel Regularity

Hello esteemed citizen of planet earth and fellow waste dispeller. We here at The Institute for Bowel Regularity invite you to take a quick survey that will help us improve our services, which will in turn help you get rid of that gunk that is clogging up your large and small intestines. We know your time is valuable and so we've made our survey very simple: what County in Ohio (one of 50 States that make up the United States of America) was this picture of a BM taken? There are 88, so this one isn't going to be so easy. Happy hunting, turd dogs! Send your responses to: bowelregularity@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for your participation! We're also pleased to announce that the person who guesses the age of the participant with the highest degree of accuracy will receive a T shirt with their favorite BM on the front, with the Institute's now famous logo on the back. Can't wait to hear from you, fellow waste dispellers!