Bunny Blight (July 2015)
by Andrew Barranca

Fish are so beautiful, but so vacant.

Stunted from birth.

Just as wise as the day they were born

Fish merely react to external stimuli. They live by the cycles of their environment, and have only the moment to consider.

That's what it was like when Bunny was on government subsidy.

Kind of, but fish don't feel pain. The poor do.

We learned a lot from our experiences without the basics.

I learned that sometimes I need to accept help so one day I can be in a place to help someone else.

You can't help everyone.

No. But every now and then I get a stronger feeling that I should help someone. I can't be sure if that means anything, but I act on it. Life is like that. We don't always know why we want to do something, but we do it anyway. That is when magic comes into our lives.

Is that good?

Magic is not always good. Magic can be good, but it is random. It can also be dangerous. But who wants to live without magic in their lives?

Most people plan to avoid the unknown.

True, but most people also fantasize about something different. Playing it safe doesn't always mean you get what you want. Safety can be deceiving. Perception of safety is just as dangerous as the perception of danger.