Mouthwisdom (July 2015)
by Zack Kouns and Rick Weaver

RW: Spanish with testicle. Holiday for the mouth mender of minty mendicant and affordable fornication. Spanish with ladybird. Boerne on the buoy. Tom Thumb showed his thumb and shoved it.

ZK: Bedknobs and seaweed and tumbling.

RW: Munchin on Munchausen luncheon breath. Breath body. Foreplay and seven years ago. Fiesta is everyday. Fiesta is a bridge.

ZK: Perching tongues on the 10,000 maniac breasts of Natalie Merchant. Alternative sock, make me feel wetter. Make me fill bowl.

RW: Alternative musician suited pamplemousse on tiny turkey's kill cake. Abate and switch the grinding tribe. The happy wink camper.

ZK: Gum Gum Gum. GUM GUM. Ladle me and cradle me. Sliver me Bic kite if you seize.

RW: I hope my mouth tramples. I hope my mouth cradles.

ZK: Burma receiver and the willow rods roll like a mutter mill mott. You can choke trees on Cosby, Tennessee pow wow wowee.

RW: Tom Thunder and Tommy slipped on krast from the detonator. The name on a fuse. I would not leave so Tim Thumbder asked me nicely but I wouldn't leave. I did not budge. Smithy Smunder would be proud.

ZK: Krill institute. Curling and turtling on the open sty pay. Dove me or Beweaver me. That's your lock and goad, hubbub.

RW: Wash my mouth with comfort at Zilker's bird brain. No joy in loaf. Texas Burger Ranger curdle. When the lamb laid down with the lion it did not poo poo.

ZK: Silicon sump pump gumming my reef. Slumming my render, deceavering my boll wheeze.

RW: Sorry about the yee haw.

ZK: I am the lion and I ain't lyin and I ain't crowing or cumming. Not in Biz's night time loam. Blights of chrome. Header better slick his cheddar lockets, hat's my hood advice.

RW: Slide me some off that slum cutter on the see saw. Legend has it, salsa and poke. Legend has it, nudie and the maude noodle. Slap me I am a long hallway for legend's time stamp. Clock bite. Humor me by slap. Phunny phunny frog.

ZK: Hon Hon freeze. Won Gaul frieze? Having a Wim Wender bender in the gall ball Tony Hammock Hamhock.

RW: Why bother? It's Bubble Butt Bennett.

ZK: U2 woozy boom boom butter. Apply it or fry it, it's you Gaul ladder.

RW: Crimp and twist. Bono about U, but I teased.

ZK: Meridian Macauley. Mechanical black spigot. Bug luck bigamy stew.

RW: Mousy panzer bruising the pouty teapot panther.

ZK: I'm doing my Heston, ask red hill charcoal and he'll mop you a mulberry cruise lip.

RW: Tom could not lather me on Sam Hill if you saw. Nice Boy Sports Bar. I draw houses from holsters.

ZK: Charcut Luddlestick's breastplate. Don't churn my wiggler, that's whee.

RW: I have a new home. It's called the Sheriff.