Pony Payroll Bones talkin....July 2016
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

Dog Dog Parts OnE

“You come over here shoot my dog----She does say.
She is far far off in old.
Her skies are dark pink.
Her nervous system is collapsing one
nerve dissolution upon the times.

I came here to heal your dog.
    I came here with your dog.
Her name is sophia..
    She is a messenger from the true God dess
of this….not thus Thistle world….

    I came here to heal….
I came here through the wood.
    In the wood i found tha woods.
In tha woods i found the forest.
    In tha woods i found a forest.

        I came here to heal…..and got lost…
..i lost the memoires memories of many many things…..
            So much lost.

BlooD relation retaliation

Lovers LOVinG LoVerS
Tattering the family who goes
That goes tarry tarry tatter tha patchwork familY QuilT

Lovers and friends and tha family tatters
Shoutin on de hoT IrOn skiLLet

And our blood sloshins and sizzlins
With tha greasy greasin butter

And we will shall congeal
    When tha stove goes cold
And tha draft this mightY winter
    Breathes deeper in here
What we thoughT was our simple dark.

Gate keeper

We dream two sleeps

Rabbitts galloping
Dusk or dawn?

dawn’s dusk

dusk’s dawning

All tha dark all tha awful dark moaning.

Gatekeeper Gate keeper swing here mY bribe


Something free……
somethings ain’t free


Lost in de pack of Three LEgged dogs again!