The Teenaged Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (July 2016)
by Lauren Hamami

Dreamt that i was enlisted in the vietnam war. I rode my motorcycle up to a fence where my fellow soldiers were standing on the other side, corralling me over. I didnt know where i was, if i left my bike there, i may not be able to find it again. But i left it because my brothers kept insisting to come on. I jumped the fence and landed on the muddiest ground i'd ever walked in. We were laughing at how the mud would create such powerful suction on our boots. The letters "TNT" are ringing through my head and i begin running.
The next thing i know, im sitting at a small south korean restaurant feeling exposed, i know i look american, unlike everyone else. I am afraid i am an easy target and i wonder who my enemy is. I hear beeping sounds from in the kitchen and i close my eyes tight, resisting the urge to run out of the building. I'm thinking that this place is hot, it is about to explode. I open my eyes and notice people around my table, laughing, but not at me. Just at something mindless. A platter of food shows up in front of me. Sautéed things with tails, tiny pieces of saucy meat, some rice, and shredded green and red veggies. I inspect the meat and it makes me sick, i dont eat.