An Interview to Remember
by Justin Waters and Jenny Moon Tucker

Jenny: Justin Waters... a sated sadist peeving along in his maniacal world. He talks about himself in third person.

Justin Waters: Justin Waters looks great for his age, really youthful. Not that age is important, but Justin Waters has given himself a great haircut that facilitates him having the appearance of a young boy scout.

Justin Waters was born in the Great Dismal Swamp. Justin Waters studied skateboarding and "punk rock" as a youth.

At age 33, Justin waters is the proud owner of a beautiful Ferrari, that needs a little work.

"Just listen to who it's sponsored by," He said. "Their fucking turtle... and missing pieces from tweets, big pieces. For 2 Years."

Justin: NASA.... Navy.... The Marines... Please and thank you. Yes.... I'll pee in the sink.

Flushed, Jenny reached for her GPS.

Justin: I have something I need to get off my chest Rodger Stella... The next time you see Rodger Stella, tell him to give me my $100.

Jenny: Isn't that "Waters" under the bridge? (laughs)

Justin: I am talking about distribution of wealth.

Jenny: Robby Kee just told me he won a water proof camera in a raffle.

Justin: It was great talking with you Jenny. See you soon.