The Teenage Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (June 2015)
by Lauren Hamami

Last night I dreamt that I was in Russia for business. I was with two other business men all dressed in suits. We were driving to the one airport that existed there on a road with no other cars but ours. The airport was in an old hospital building. I stood outside of the car when we pulled in, as the men unloaded our luggage. I was surrounded by only black and red. There were movie posters and advertisements to my left and they all had very few pictures with lots of Cyrillic text. All in black and red. In front of me was a familiar symbol: a "No Smoking" sign. Underneath it said "No Smoking", in Cyrillic. We walked inside and there were a lot of old hospital rooms filled with children and older women making crafts together at small tables. We walked deeper into the building and the men asked if I was ready to fly to New York City. I said "yes" and then I woke up.